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The principle of security shading anti-counterfeiting technology

effects such as relief, refraction, lace, etc. add a new design element to the designer. Cooperating with the traditional design can provide better design ideas, play a beautiful, eye-catching, easy to understand, and highlight the anti-counterfeiting effect. Common anti-counterfeiting shading elements in printing include: Tuan Hua, curve relief, image relief, lace, latent image, microfilm, shading, variable lineweight, curve analog image, refraction, graphic filtering, etc. Security shading anti-counterfeiting can be understood in two aspects:

① prevention of imitation

- on the one hand, it is difficult for the imitator to produce similar effects on the copied printed matter with ordinary software, on the other hand, it is difficult to imitate even with the same software

for example, the lines used in the Beida founder super line safety shading design system are positive to this chord line, while the sinusoidal line is difficult to draw by hand with general software. The provided Tuan Hua, curve relief, lace, image relief, lines with thickness changes, curve simulation images, etc. have great randomness in the production, and it is difficult to make a the first mock examination even if they are copied with the same software

the functions of image relief and curve simulation image show the image effect described by lines in the finished product. Without the original lattice image, it is impossible to make the same effect, and it is also impossible to scan it

② anti scanning

modern ultra-high precision (optical resolution above 5000 DPI) scanners or photographic plate making can prevent scanning if they cannot reproduce the lines of the plate pattern. The works of factory safety shading design have the function of anti scanning. The reason is very simple. The scanning must generate a little image, and the safety shading is composed of lines, so it cannot be scanned

the application of anti-counterfeiting shading design is an effective means to increase the added value of products, and it can also expand some special printing businesses for printing enterprises. In the printing industry, special printing with higher profits uses a lot of security shading technology and is applied in every product (check, tax receipt, passbook, passport, certificate, etc.)

traditional bill printing basically has the counting of serial codes. The anti-counterfeiting function uses the development of computer technology, uses database management means, designs and creates special or unique numbers, realizes computer storage, query and check and other technical functions, and combines with modern communication technology. Bill printing has accepted the "code anti-counterfeiting technology" when anti-counterfeiting was applied since the mid-1990s. Recently, a large number of similar technologies have been applied to tax invoices, which has driven the application and development of digital inkjet printing system in bill printing industry, and also formed a series of related technical requirements for digital inkjet printing system in computer software, supporting walking structure, flexible cooperation between variability and printing host, and self-developed inkjet printing materials and maintenance services, including three grades of 0.5/1/2 poles

in addition, there are many anti-counterfeiting technologies used in bill printing, such as ink anti-counterfeiting technology, a variety of printing joint anti-counterfeiting technology, number anti-counterfeiting technology, safety line anti-counterfeiting technology, fluorescent fiber anti-counterfeiting technology, etc

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