Principle of the hottest ultrasonic leak detector

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Principle of ultrasonic leak detector

scan with the leak detection system of the ultrasonic detector, and you can hear the leak sound from the headset or see the change of digital signal. The closer to the leakage point, the more obvious. If the on-site environment is noisy, a rubber tube can be used to narrow the receiving area and mask the antagonistic ultrasound. In addition, the advantages and value of aluminum alloy cables will disappear. The consumption driven by the frequency adjustment of the leakage detection system of external ultrasonic detector will be considerable, and the ability will also reduce the interference of background noise. It can check the pneumatic system and test the pressure cable used by telecom companies. The tank, pipeline and hose can be tested by pressurization. And vacuum system, vortex exhaust, diesel engine fuel suction system, vacuum chamber, ship cabin, watertight door, material processing system, internal and external gas-liquid leakage of pressure vessels and pipelines, etc


ultrasonic focuses on leakage detection, air tightness detection and predictive maintenance in the industrial field. Its products and solutions are in steel and non-ferrous metals, tobacco and food and beverage, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry and oil and natural gas, Mine cement, glass manufacturing, electric power and cleaning systems, military industry, papermaking and printing, railway transportation, water treatment, infrastructure, subway fans and large air conditioning systems Port automation and many other industries have been widely used


ultrasonic leak detector ultrasonic leak detector is a leak detector with ultrasonic detection method, which can check the leakage of air, gas, steam and liquid transmission pipelines and various equipment. If it is used with the attached ultrasonic generator, it can also check the sealing status of refrigerators, sealed containers, air conditioning systems, tires, compressors and various infusion pipelines. It is a powerful tool to improve the environment and save energy

detection principle and working mode of ultrasonic gas leakage:

If a container or pipeline is full of gas, when its internal pressure is greater than the external pressure, due to the large internal and external pressure difference, once the container has a leak, the gas will rush out of the leak. When the leak size is small and the Reynolds number is high, the rushing gas will form turbulence, and the turbulence will produce sound waves of a certain frequency near the leak. The frequency of sound wave vibration is related to the leak size. When the leak size is large, the human ear can hear the leak sound. When the leak size is small and the sound frequency is greater than 20kHz, the human ear cannot hear it, but they can spread in the air, which is called no-load ultrasonic. Ultrasonic wave is a high-frequency and short wave signal, and its intensity decays rapidly with the increase of propagation distance. Ultrasound has directivity. Using this feature, the correct leakage position can be determined. The host (and receiving end) of the ultrasonic leak detection instrument can work in the passive and active state; When the gas transmission pipeline is inspected in real time, it can be used alone to capture the tiny ultrasonic signal generated by gas leakage, and then the correct leakage position can be determined. This way of working is called dynamic

when the host (and the receiving end) of the ultrasonic leak detection instrument is used with the ultrasonic signal generator, the 7 maximum compressed experimental space (mm) 470 can carry out non real-time inspection of the inspected object, that is, the ultrasonic signal generator transmits an ultrasonic signal of a certain frequency. Once a leak occurs, the ultrasonic will leak out of the leak hole, and the host of the ultrasonic leak detection instrument will capture the leaked ultrasonic signal, The correct leakage position can be determined. This way of working is called the main dynamic. Compared with the passive dynamic working mode, the active dynamic working mode is not suitable for real-time inspection, but it has higher reliability

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