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Abstract: speaking of rivet gun, most people know that it is a tool for fastening and riveting metal plates, but the principle of rivet gun is not clear. Then what is the principle of rivet gun? For example, if the residual materials left after ethylene oxide sterilization do not fall to a certain level, it will cause a body stimulation reaction. For example, if the cleaning solution for cleaning is not properly removed, it will also cause an unexpected stimulation reaction to users or patients

principle of rivet gun

now take the pneumatic rivet gun as an example. It turns the compressed air into power, and then makes the air in the studio unable to fully circulate through the series connection of various cylinders, breaking the rivets. It has the characteristics of fast speed, convenience, light weight and no oil loss. It is applied to the riveting of stainless steel, iron, aluminum and iron

rivet gun classification

check whether the friction active part should be filled with lubricating oil

if it is classified according to different power, it can be divided into manual rivet gun, electric rivet gun, pneumatic rivet gun and hydraulic rivet gun. If classified according to the installed rivets, it can be divided into ring groove rivet gun, rivet nut gun and pop rivet gun

usage and precautions of rivet gun

1. Add some lubricating oil before working, so that the rivet gun can work smoothly and its working life can be longer

2. Keep the air inlet pressure within the specified range. If the pressure is too small, the power of the riveting hammer will be reduced, and the riveting efficiency will be reduced, and even cracks will occur due to the increase of the number of hammers

3. Press the button after pressing the rivet with a punch. Otherwise, it will cause the piston to move back and forth, thus consuming part of the energy and causing the piston to hit the shell, thus damaging the rivet gun

4. Through the protective spring, the gun body and punch are closely bonded together, so as to avoid the punch flying out and causing damage to products or people

5. Hold the handle in your right hand, press the button with your index finger, open the rivet gun, and then use the button to adjust the size of the compressed air, so as to make its work more stable. At the beginning of riveting, if the rivet rod is long, there will be a large gap between the rivet hole and the rivet rod, which is easy to make the rivet rod bend. Therefore, it is necessary to press the button gently to avoid excessive power of the rivet gun. Wait for the above news 1. Once it has filled the rivet hole, apply heavy pressure to increase the rivet power, so as to form the pier head at the fastest speed

6. When preparing the tail of the punch, it needs to be based on the specifications and models of different rivet guns, so as to avoid tandem and improve efficiency

7. Don't shoot an empty gun casually in the process of use, which will cause damage to the machine parts

speaking of rivet gun, most people know that it is a tool for fastening and riveting metal and other plates, but it is not clear about the principle, classification, use method, precautions, etc. of rivet gun, so the following content will be answered one by one

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