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New liquid technology that subverts the traditional bottle blowing process

some disruptive innovations will appear in the technology of manufacturing and filling plastic bottles

2. Configuration of tensile testing machine in Jinan testing machine factory Ann o''hara, the president of liqui form, whose share price fell by 1.5%, explained that it is a molded plastic bottle that uses liquid (rather than traditional blowing air) to achieve its goal in one step

liquid technology that subverts the traditional bottle blowing process

she said in an interview in Atlanta that this is a great change, but it is also very simple

for reasons of trade secrets, the company cannot disclose too many details, but the partners of the project hope to give some details and expect feedback from the industry

the partners of the project include packaging giant AMCO and bottle blowing machinery giant Sidel

Luc Desoutter, the sustainable development officer of Sidel, said that the industry (2) sample breaking pendulum swing back and forth should be changed according to the braking needs. The concept of liquiform opens a new paradigm

Liqui form said that it would selectively disclose some details in the United States and Europe, because the project is still in the confidential stage

the company hopes to license this technology to other enterprises and widely promote it in the industry. It is expected that the buzzing galvanometer will be commercialized in the next two to three years

the biggest advantage of the new technology is to save energy and reduce waste

compared with the traditional way of blowing bottles and then transporting them to the filling plant for filling, the energy consumption of the new technology is only 1/15

TOD Eberle, vice president of AMCO rigid plastics, added that there was no need for an air compressor. They are the biggest cost source of blow molding production and the logistics cost of transporting empty bottles to all parts of the world

liqui form combines bottle making and filling into one step

this disruptive technology may have a great impact on machinery manufacturers, bottle enterprises and beverage enterprises, prompting them to comprehensively change their business models

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