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New marketing strategy: Master Kang used online games to enter the tea market

before the introduction of the national standard for tea drinks, Jianlibao's marketing expenses of 200million yuan hit the new brand of drinks, and "boss" Master Kang worked hard to maintain his hegemony with Asahi -

before the introduction of the national standard for tea drinks, the whole market cannot be directly converted to each other before the reshuffle. Recently, Jianlibao group's three tea beverage series products were officially launched. Zhang Hai, the president of Jianlibao group, revealed that he would devote 200million yuan to the marketing of tea drinks, setting off the prelude to the competition of tea drinks in 2004. More experts assert that if we don't make painstaking efforts before the introduction of the "standard" for tea drinks this year, we will miss the best opportunity for horse racing and enclosure in the future

enter the tea market through online games

learned that Jianlibao's unique and insightful online games are combined with tea drinks. Its image is represented by the three people in the water margin, who are the most selected items on the construction site. Among them, Lin Chong represents iced green tea, Li Kui represents iced black tea, and Hu Sanniang represents Mai xiangcha. Liang Jing, the brand director of Jianlibao, believes that "outlaws of the marsh" is a traditional masterpiece, and the main characters in it are the main characters of Luoyu

"the tea beverage market is still in its infancy, far from achieving the high brand loyalty of the coke market, and the taste and flavor of the products are the selling points of the market. For new entrants, as long as they find the selling points of the market, enter with different strategies, grasp the psychology of the target consumer groups, and have a great chance of market success." Zhang Hai, President of Jianlibao group, said why we should vigorously enter the tea and beverage market

the survey shows that in terms of per capita consumption, China's per capita consumption of tea drinks was only 1.5 kg in 2002. If compared with Japan's per capita consumption of 20 ~ 30 kg, China's tea beverage market still has dozens of times the growth space. Even if the per capita consumption of 10 kg tea beverage is used, the market capacity of China's tea beverage is at least 13 million tons. According to the data of China Beverage Industry Association, the sales volume of tea drinks in China in 2003 was only 3million tons

it is not easy for merchants to compete in the tea beverage market

according to the AC Nielsen survey, the share of Master Kang in the tea beverage market in South China from 2002 to 2003 was 58.1%, the unified share was 18.1%, Coca Cola was 4.1%, and Wahaha was only 1.4%. There is no doubt that Master Kang occupies the dominant position of tea drinks and is unified as the second brand with market penetration growth

Master Kang believes that it is not easy to enter the tea and beverage market at present. Caichongbo, general manager of Guangzhou Dingjin Food Co., Ltd., pointed out that to make tea drinks, taste is very important, and taste must meet consumer needs. After twoorthree years of development, iced black tea and iced green tea markets have formed a certain brand concept in the hearts of consumers, and it is difficult for new brands to intervene. However, Cai Chongbo also said that the more enterprises enter, the bigger the market will be. Master Kang will treat his competitors with an ordinary mind

this year's enclosure is a great opportunity for the world bank's global business environment report

according to reliable sources, the technical committee of the China Beverage Industry Association is widely soliciting opinions from major tea and beverage enterprises, and the draft may come out by May. About next March, the national standard for tea drinks will be officially introduced. Therefore, when talking about the real motivation of the tea beverage market, the industry insiders prefer to regard the sudden acceleration of tea beverage as the prelude to the introduction of national standards

for enterprises, before the introduction of standards, it is a year of readiness. Once the standards are issued, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises will be cleared out because they are not up to the standards, which will cause a major reshuffle in the industry, leaving a huge vacuum for the market in the next year or two

"therefore, if you don't make painstaking efforts on tea drinks this year, you will miss the best opportunity for horse racing enclosure in the future." An expert explained the internal motivation of the popularity of tea drinks this year, "in addition, if anyone can become the standard setter, he can occupy an advantageous position in the future competition."

it is understood that the formulation of this national standard is basically composed of domestic soft drink giants, including Jianlibao, Master Kong, uni president and Wahaha, while foreign soft drink giants did not participate. In this regard, yanweirong, deputy general manager of Jianlibao group technology center who participated in the formulation of standards, believes that the reason why multinational soft drink giants are excluded from the mainstream tea beverage market in China is that they have hit the cultural ceiling. Just as coke is a symbol of American culture, tea is also a symbol of Chinese culture

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