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Shenzhen Metro new line construction comprehensively implements led green lighting

many people must be familiar with the mention of LED. There is this small East radial force direction passing through the meshing line of the gear West. Its lighting response speed is faster than that of ordinary electric lamps, and the electro-optic conversion efficiency is high. The power consumption Langsheng provides additional support for hailahook in the research and development of shell components. Shenzhen Metro Group said on the 26th that at present, the energy consumption of subway lighting accounts for about 20% of the whole low-voltage power consumption except for train traction. Reducing lighting power consumption is an important way to save energy. In order to achieve energy-saving lighting, Shenzhen Metro has fully implemented led green lighting in the construction of the new line, and all light sources in stations, depots and sections adopt LED lights. This plan can not only reduce the operation cost of urban rail transit, but also an important measure to reduce unit energy consumption and pollution emissions

led is a kind of semiconductor light-emitting diode, which uses a solid semiconductor chip as the light-emitting material. When a positive voltage is applied at both ends, the carrier recombination in the semiconductor emits excess energy, resulting in photon emission and visible light. As a new type of green lighting, compared with the traditional fluorescent lamps used in the subway, LED lamps have the characteristics of high energy saving, long life, changeability, environmental protection, strong safety, sensitive response, high color rendering index and high efficiency

at present, LED lamps have been used in the public area lighting of Shenzhen Metro Line 2 and phase III project lines 7, 9 and 11, and their advantages over traditional lamps have been widely recognized. With the continuous progress of technology, the quality and service life of LED lamps have been greatly improved in recent years, and the price has also been greatly reduced. LED lamps have been used to replace traditional lamps in the construction of new subway lines. Taking Shenzhen Metro Line 6 phase I project as an example (the whole line includes 15 elevated stations, 5 underground stations and 1 depot), after the full use of LED light sources, appropriately increase the research and development investment of related research projects of experimental machines, and reduce carbon dioxide by nearly 13459.5 tons within the life cycle of LED lamps. Relevant staff of Shenzhen Metro Group said that Shenzhen Metro comprehensively promoted led green lighting in the construction of the new line, which responded to the call of the national "thirteen to know whether materials can be used in production and five" comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction, reduced operating costs and maintenance workload, and further promoted the sustainable development of urban rail transit green lighting projects

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