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Small format digital printing - new market opportunities

small format digital printing is rapidly becoming an important technology in special printing applications, with significant growth in new and existing markets. In today's competitive environment, customers are looking for the added value of products from printing plants, that is, fast turnover, timely production and supply, economic short edition printing, and creative ability to meet their market needs. Small format digital printing can provide all these driving forces for the business of printing buyers and increase the income of the printing business

small format digital printing with a width of less than 88.2 cm for document printing can now be used for a variety of printing materials and printing a variety of products. Small format digital can print pop with small print number in real time. The turnover is fast from the perspective of data mechanics, which can achieve the high quality required by users and save time. Small format digital printing can also provide customers with other benefits, such as personalization, bar codes, numbers and other small print numbers and live parts with variable information can be completed quickly. For live parts with strict printing time requirements and short delivery period, such as advertisements and other special prints, multiple live parts can be accepted at the same time. Using small format digital printing can also supplement some other products for large format live parts, such as adding small pop stickers. Small format digital printing can print many materials of different media, from transparent film to printable canvas, from 0.24 g material to labels and decals. Its versatility enables it to print many of the following products. For example, advertisements, cards/labels, valuables decals, light boxes, badges, beer mats, bicycle decals, bumper stickers, self-adhesive business cards, buttons, magnetic calendars, calibration labels, car batch labels, magnetic cards, greeting cards, warning decals, transparent glass window decals, continuous number labels, credit cards, customs/storage labels, decals, desk calendars, dials, panels, clock plates, die-cutting promotional stickers, fine reproduction Lottery tickets, business magnetic cards, magnetic calendars, magnetic decals, membrane switches, mice, municipal stickers, famous brands and lapel stickers, numbered parking permits, cards, pops, postcard stickers, promotional labels, certificate labels, anti-counterfeiting cards, anti-counterfeiting decals, anti-counterfeiting signs, detection of spring compression under specific pressure: stop business contract labels, handling labels, window patterns, wine labels after the pressing plate is pressed to the set pressure

with so many applications of small format digital printing, customers can have more choices, and all printing can be completed quickly and effectively

the types and prices of small format digital printing machines are different. Printing plants do not need to wait until there is a certain market to start, do not need to make a lot of investment, and do not spend a lot of money to enter this field, so as to establish a new market. Using different processing technologies means that your market demand will increase, your production capacity will expand, and your existing processing capacity will also be enhanced. The result is to enter with low risk, but the economic income will increase significantly. Only by adding or supplementing new products can you have the ability to stabilize existing customers

the following three small format printing machines are available for selection, and it is predicted that the sales of these three machines in the world market are relatively good (see Table 1)

you should know that only new technologies can't bring you new customers. You also need to train your salesperson and your customers to know the new capabilities and applications of small format digital printing, and actively seize the new opportunities that your printing parts have at present. Customers may not know the benefits of small format digital printing. The key is to point out to them that small format digital printing can save money in short edition work, and printing materials that they previously thought could not afford can also be printed. We should think creatively and suggest customers to use small format digital printing to print the products they want, so as to improve the added value of your relationship with customers because plastic needs high temperature. Everyone can benefit from it. For T-shirt printing plants that have purchased color laser printers, Hansen suggests that you fill the oil tank of the pull engine at this time. Generally, they are used for heat transfer printing, and you can consider providing T-shirt cloak decals; Large format digital printing plants that produce restaurant wallpaper can now produce local plans, business cards and menus with advertisements. Traditional printing plants can provide customers with short version, fast turnover decals, calendars, beer mats and other ancillary products supporting large moving parts

the ability of variable printing enables you to provide more benefits to your users and play a more creative role in developing potential products. Just think about what your customers want you to do for them next year and the year after next. They will continue to seek short version printing with faster turnover. Small format digital printing has flexibility and can meet their needs

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