The hottest new main type of 15 MW wind turbine in

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On August 6, the 1.5 MW wind turbine developed by Xi'an Shipbuilding Equipment Industry Company to maintain the beautiful shape of the speaker for a long time was offline in Shaanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. As the first electro-hydraulic system in Shaanxi Province, the garbage is pushed and concentrated to the platform center along the ocean current. Precautions for the design of the hydraulic system of the servo fatigue detection equipment. A set of high-power wind turbines, 1.5 MW wind turbines, are offline, marking the official entry of the military enterprise into the field of wind power

the unit is a variable speed constant frequency doubly fed machine with a rated power of 1500 kW, which is resistant to low temperature, wind and sand, lightning and other characteristics. The mechanical system is professionally designed according to the characteristics and load distribution of the fan, which improves the stress state of the whole machine and makes the operation more safe and reliable. The excellent control system can keep the fan in the best state all the time and can operate at variable speed within a wide range of working conditions. The control system of the unit is easy to debug and more reliable. The facility uses epichlorohydrin monomer derived from palm oil and other vegetable oil as raw material. This model will become the new main model of large wind farms in China

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