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New machine unveiled at BMW exhibition Doosan new business opportunity leads industry change

new machine unveiled at BMW exhibition Doosan new business opportunity leads industry change

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November 25th, 2014 - Shanghai news high precision load sensor and other components, the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, Doosan construction machinery today in the 7th China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery Bauma China (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai BMW exhibition) launched its newly developed 9C series of five new products and application solutions. The 9C series of new products took three years from design, research and development, testing to the final launch, which greatly improved the working performance, durability, reliability and fuel economy of the products on the basis of the original DX series products. Under the fashionable and atmospheric appearance, 9C series is equipped with a reliable low emission and efficient engine, which not only gives fuel economy, but also effectively ensures the operating performance of the equipment. The launch of 9C series of new products will undoubtedly add impetus to the development of the industry, and new business opportunities will certainly lead to changes in the industry

looking at the domestic market, after a golden decade of rapid development of the construction machinery industry, it is now in a stable and low-speed growth stage. Due to China's macroeconomic adjustment and increased infrastructure investment, it is expected that the Chinese market will slowly recover in the future, and since China will implement more stringent emission standards, the construction machinery industry must also undergo major technological innovation to usher in new market growth points. Doosan engineering machinery keenly observed the market growth point of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. In line with the "customer-centered" development strategy, Doosan focused on mining and large-scale civil engineering special equipment, launched 9C series new products with low fuel consumption and high performance, further consolidated its existing market position and laid the foundation for continuing to lead the industry

since it entered the Chinese market in 1994, Doosan construction machinery, relying on its solid commitment to the Chinese market, continuous localization efforts and visionary market foresight, has gathered global R & D strength and manufacturing technology, and continuously launched products that meet the development of the market and the needs of customers. The five new products of 9C series launched this time have focused on improving the speed In terms of improving durability, fuel consumption and performance, the models of the whole series are dx340lc-9c, dx380lc-9c, dx420lc-9c, dx500lc-9c and dx520lc-9c respectively, which are more suitable for mining, large earthwork and operation projects under adverse environmental conditions

the working performance is improved and the power is stronger

the dx380lc-9~dx520lc-9c launched this time adopts a new generation of German Scania engine, which has the characteristics of high fuel efficiency, low fuel consumption and excellent durability. The EFI engine is equipped with multiple filters and dual oil-water separators. At the same time, the nozzle is sprayed with special materials, which greatly improves the adaptability of the new machine to inferior oil products. Enhance the high availability of engine accessories and effectively reduce customer maintenance costs

ensure efficient operation and save more fuel consumption, which is more economical.

9c series has super excavation ability, so that it can adapt to the requirements of various working environments for excavation force, ensure strong and fast working performance, and work more conveniently in hard mines and other areas. The fast lifting speed and lowering speed of the large and small arms, as well as the large turning torque, realize the efficient loading and unloading operation capacity. The action of the hydraulic control system is more accurate, the pressure rise ensures strong excavation force, and the control valve diameter is increased to reduce energy loss

the powerful power output combined with Doosan's unique EPOS (intelligent control system) and SPC (intelligent fuel saving) technology is the core weapon of 9C series to ensure efficient operation and reduce fuel consumption. With a more intelligent control system and a powerful engine, 9C series can be used according to the actual environmental conditions. Customers can freely choose p/s/e+spc, covering six intelligent modes to maximize fuel efficiency, reduce fuel costs, effectively make up for the rising expenditure costs caused by the increasing fuel costs, and ensure customer revenue

excellent stability and performance

9c series new products have excellent stability. With wide gauge design, the crawler has a larger grounding area, a reasonable weight distribution, improves the stability and side lifting capacity of dynamic operation, greatly reduces the vibration when the equipment moves, and the chassis is more stable, not easy to raise the tail, and has strong stability in operation

9c series new products have a stronger driving force for walking. More advanced walking devices provide a stronger driving force for walking. The higher ground clearance of the chassis makes the walking and climbing in rugged areas such as mines smoother. At the same time, it is equipped with the settings of the largest bucket capacity of the same tonnage in the industry and strong excavation force to ensure rdquo; Linboqiang, Dean of the China Energy Policy Research Institute at Xiamen University, told reporters: "ldquo; The access threshold can be set according to environmental protection, energy efficiency, safety and other standards to perform excellent performance under various adverse conditions, ensuring efficient work and ensuring customer revenue

the people-oriented design pays equal attention to safety and comfort

9c series new machine provides an excellent driving and operating environment. The low-noise and low vibration work space designed with "driver as the center", the air conditioning system provides the temperature required by the operation in four seasons, the multifunctional graphical LCD instrument panel that can cover the operation status at a glance, and the centralized configuration of various switches, greatly improving the operation convenience and work efficiency. 360 degree omni-directional driving field of vision, maximize the glass area of the cab, and complete all 360 degree omni-directional work freely and comfortably. Especially through the large integrated right glass, it is convenient to observe the lower inner obstacles

the interior is equipped with convenient storage space and luxury multifunctional suspension seats, which can be adjusted in both front and rear directions, and has the function of freely adjusting the height according to the driver's weight. With the application of new technology, the noise inside and outside the cab is greatly reduced, and the operating comfort is improved at the same time. Dx380lc-9c/dx420lc-9c/dx500lc-9c/dx520ld-9c are equipped with 9 working lights, which fully ensure the vision demand during night operation and provide a strong guarantee for the safety and convenience of night operation. At the same time, there is a USB interface beside the radio, which can be connected to MP3, etc., to ensure practicality and entertainment

greatly extend the service life of the equipment and create higher value

9c series new machine through more advanced computer three-dimensional design and various simulation experiments, and then through repeated cooperation verification and equipment reliability test, strengthen the key stress parts, maximize the service life of the equipment and create higher added value for customers. By adopting thicker sheet metal parts and optimizing the process structure, the main structural parts effectively prolong the service life, and share the advanced components verified by the market in the advanced market to ensure the high reliability of functional products

fully reflects doosancare's customer-centric and caring

9c series new machines fully reflect Doosan's "customer-centric" service policy. Doosan maintains a consistent, fast and efficient service, troubleshooting within 24 hours, implementing downtime compensation, and customized spot checks. Under the newly launched doosancare service brand, "expert accompanying activities" provide customers with reliable, intelligent and value-added equipment operation solutions, professional maintenance provides comprehensive testing for customers' equipment, and "yuezhuan Yueqiang" provides non-stop services for mine customers

Doosan has a perfect spare parts supply system, rapid supply, 24-hour supply system for emergency orders, and the world's advanced logistics operation management system. Doosan equipment remote management system realizes the remote transmission and remote control of multiple parameters of the excavator. Map system: provides accurate location services for equipment and 3D map services. Customers can know the latest working conditions of the equipment at any time through SMS, intelligent application, station login, email and other means

Doosan construction machinery's vision is to become the top 3 brand in the global machinery industry, based on the best technical strength, to provide the world with products with excellent quality and maximize customer value. For this reason, Doosan construction machinery strives to strengthen its ability to analyze market and customer needs, and continues to focus on innovative technology research and development to enhance its core competitiveness

on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, it also coincides with the convening of the BMW exhibition, an international engineering machinery event. The new 9C series products of Doosan engineering machinery will appear at the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, which will surely attract the attention of the industry and lead the future product upgrading and innovation of the industry. Doosan construction machinery, which has a firm commitment and responsibility to the Chinese market, is determined to work with all business partners, customers and employees to continuously increase local R & D investment, focus on customers and constantly launch new products suitable for market demand, realize Doosan's firm commitment to the Chinese market, grow together with local customers, and actively promote the sustainable development of China's construction machinery industry, Build the most reliable construction machinery brand in the world

Mr. Jin Yongsheng, global president of Doosan construction machinery, said, "the newly launched 9C series products and service solutions are the embodiment of Doosan's 20 years of precipitation in China, and also demonstrate Doosan's solid commitment to the Chinese market. In the future, Doosan will continue to uphold the customer-centric development purpose and work together with industry partners for the healthy development of China's construction machinery."

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