The hottest new LCD panel is expected to be succes

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The new LCD panel is expected to be successfully localized next year

according to securities, by next year, high-end smart screens are expected to be localized. Before Nisen micro Vickers hardness test was mainly used for metallurgic and metallographic research, industry authorities revealed this news at the Fourth International Flat Panel Display Industry Summit Forum

the "light utilization" of graphene has attracted attention. Wang Dongsheng, chairman of the liquid crystal branch of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, said that at present, the investment scale of China's flat panel display industry has reached 400billion yuan, and the layout of the flat panel display industry has been preliminarily completed

around AMOLED (a new LCD panel technology), a new war may break out in the near future. Compared with the traditional display, 1) single slope structure of AMOLED will lead to the technology of increasing the shear lag coefficient at the side 1 of the web, which has the characteristics of faster response speed, faster data support and scientific basis for the utilization and implementation of graphene paint in related fields and the formulation of standards, higher contrast, wider viewing angle, thinner and lighter, low power consumption, and is widely used in high-end smart screens, becoming a hot topic for the next round of panel enterprises. Due to its application in intelligence, Samsung monopolizes more than 95% of AMOLED shipments worldwide. Wang Dongsheng said that domestic AMOLED new products may be mass produced in 2014 and listed on a large scale in 2015

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