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On August 1, it was learned that the new liquefied gas truck trestle of Daqing Petrochemical refinery was put into operation

the new trestle can meet the traffic of 12 vehicles with a single vehicle capacity of 40 tons at one time. Among them, there are 8 liquefied gas loading cranes, 2 propylene loading cranes and 2 propane loading cranes in the eyes of Secretary General Ma Zhanfeng. The annual output of liquefied gas is 365000 tons, propylene is 109500 tons and propane is 43800 tons. Among them, the loading capacity of liquefied gas is 3 times higher than that of the original trestle

it is understood that this plant produces nearly 300000 tons of liquefied gas annually, with a sales revenue of nearly 1billion yuan, and a domestic market share of 1.6%. With the new units put into operation successively, the daily output of liquefied gas loading has increased from 200 tons to about 750 tons, and the original automobile trestle can no longer meet the needs of liquefied gas products for outward transportation. Daqing Petrochemical decided to build a new truck loading trestle to eliminate the factory bottleneck of liquefied gas and other products

in September 2008, the trestle began construction. The through loading method was adopted, which not only eliminated the hidden dangers of loading safety of the original trestle, but also increased the loading capacity from 70000 tons to 200000 tons in the original design year. The number of loading crane positions was increased from 5 to 12, and mass flow meters were installed at each crane position to accurately transmit the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow and other parameters to the computer. Field operators and users can clearly monitor the filled quantity through the large screen, with an accuracy of about 2%

all loading processes of the new trestle adopt the advanced computer to set the springs of general experiments, which are used in the relatively important local loading control system and the safety interlocking technology with remarkable anti-static effect. At present, the new trestle operates normally, which not only improves the loading safety environment and eliminates the occurrence of over loading and less loading, but also greatly improves the automobile transportation capacity of liquefied gas, propylene and propane in the refinery, providing transportation guarantee for optimizing the production plan and increasing the production of high value-added products

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