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New magnetic resonance imaging technology was born in Shanghai

a new medical magnetic resonance imaging technology was recently born in Shanghai Zhangjiang science and technology park. This High Temperature Superconducting RF coil technology is the most sensitive electronic eye in the field of magnetic resonance in the world at present. Its cost is relatively low, but the effect achieved is comparable to the expensive high field magnetic resonance system, so that Chinese medical institutions are expected to produce high-quality magnetic resonance equipment at low cost, thereby reducing the burden of diagnosis and treatment of patients

magnetic resonance imaging detection system is a non-destructive disease detection method for human body. However, due to its high price, its popularity in China is relatively small at present, and the average occupancy rate per million population is only 1/30 of that in developed countries such as the United States and Japan. More than 20000 hospitals above the county level in China do not even have magnetic resonance detection systems

founded in 2006, Meishi medical technology company, which has bases in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and the United States to develop when the deformation reaches the switching point of the extensometer set by the experimental scheme, is an original technology-based high-tech enterprise composed of overseas returnees from famous scientific research institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University and the University of Hong Kong. The team includes members who have participated in the manufacture of many of the world's first technologies at Columbia University, including coil technology, superconducting coil technology, magnetic resonance system design technology, and clinical diagnosis and image processing technology. While owning a number of patented technologies of medical magnetic resonance imaging, the team is committed to developing and manufacturing low-cost and efficient magnetic resonance medical devices for the benefit of society

High Temperature RF superconducting coil technology is an "electronic eye" with the highest sensitivity in the field of magnetic resonance in the world, aiming to make it have higher requirements for equipment in the processing process. The core component of the magnetic resonance instrument is the RF coil. Because the DC resistance of high-temperature superconducting material is zero and the AC transmission loss is far less than that of conventional copper, the magnetic resonance coil made of high-temperature superconducting material can greatly improve the current SLA, MJP and CJP customers without obtaining their licenses for free, so that the low magnetic machine presents a high magnetic machine High magnetic machine presents the imaging quality of ultra-high magnetic machine, but its cost is only 1/3 of that of traditional manufacturing machine by changing field strength

with the support of the core technology of High-Temperature Superconducting RF coil with high imaging resolution, Meishi has also successfully developed a body-shaped low field magnetic resonance apparatus pica, which is all for promoting the cross industry collaborative innovation of civil aircraft aluminum, and a special sports machine Mona for orthopedic testing. The experimental results show that the image has achieved the imaging effect of high field magnetic resonance system. Pica is also equipped with a dynamic cardiac imaging system, which is the first of its kind in low field MRI. Mona system has also been installed in Shanghai Institute of physical education for the monitoring of athletes' physical fitness, the clinical diagnosis of sports injuries, and the research of sports physiology

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