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The new LED road surface in Britain can remind drivers and cyclists

a new road surface with embedded LED lights was unveiled in London to help detect pedestrians and warn drivers and cyclists of dangers on the road. The new road was developed by a company called umbrellium for the insurance company direct line, and the high-definition camera and LED are embedded in the road surface

two cameras on the road can record hundreds of variables and detect pedestrians or other road users within 22 meters of the intersection, which is also an integral part of China's medical and health field. Information can be sent from the camera to the computer, which reacts in less than one hundredth of a second, allowing the led to display various colors and patterns

roads use machine learning to predict pedestrian movements and create an intersection for them. Then calibrate the sensor again to work normally. The road surface adopts high impact plastic that can be embedded in asphalt without causing 'white pollution'. According to the designer's requirements, the plastic surface can withstand a large traffic flow. The plastic surface of the road has more than 660 LED lights, which can be programmed to change colors and patterns in order to provide pedestrians or drivers with pedestrian crossing warnings

the prototype road is waterproof, which can maintain the weight of vehicles and people, and can distinguish the difference between people, vehicles or bicycles. At present, all the standard formulation work plans have been fully launched

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