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The low-voltage electrical appliance market will develop rapidly in 2012

low voltage electrical appliance is a kind of component or equipment that can manually or automatically connect and disconnect the circuit of the car according to external signals and requirements. In fact, it has participated in the circuit opening for many times, so as to realize the switching, control, protection, detection, transformation and adjustment of circuits or non electrical objects. According to its working voltage, the control appliances can be divided into two categories: high-voltage control appliances and low-voltage control appliances, with AC 1200V and DC 1500V as the boundary. In general, low-voltage electrical appliances can be divided into distribution appliances and control appliances, which are the basic components of complete sets of electrical equipment. In industry, agriculture, transportation, national defense and people's electricity departments, most of them use low-voltage power supply, so the quality of electrical components will directly affect the reliability of low-voltage power supply system

the "Research Report on supply and demand forecast and development prospects of China's low-voltage electrical appliances market in" released by China's industrial information shows that after years of development, China's low-voltage electrical appliances industry has formed a relatively complete system. It can produce nearly 1000 series of low-voltage electrical products, with an output value of about 30 billion yuan. Due to the large number of enterprises, especially the rise of a large number of private enterprises in Wenzhou, an absolute buyer's market has been formed, resulting in a serious excess of production capacity of more than 50%

China's low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, and the distribution of enterprises is generally reasonable. There are several problems in the economic scale of enterprises:

(1) the enterprise organization is small and scattered, lacking competitive strength and advantages. At present, few low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises in China have entered the national large-scale enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% (large enterprises with annual sales revenue and total assets of 500million yuan or more; medium-sized enterprises with annual sales revenue of 50million yuan or more, and the rest are small enterprises)

orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly

(2) regional structure converges, which cannot reflect comparative advantages and collaborative benefits. In the 20 years since the 1980s, the number of low-voltage electrical appliance factories has increased from more than 600 to more than 1000 now. Due to blind projects and stalls, the phenomenon of regional industrial convergence is serious, economic benefits are low, low-level repeated construction, resulting in product backlog, waste of energy and materials, and adverse consequences of low economic benefits

(3) unreasonable technical structure and low level of technical equipment in major industries. According to statistics, among the main technical equipment of enterprises, only 1/3 of them have advanced technical and economic performance. Only about 18% of the leading products of backbone enterprises have reached the international technical level in the 1990s

the report points out that in 2011, China's power infrastructure will continue to maintain a large scale of investment. The national infrastructure will increase the installed capacity by about 90million kW, and the national installed capacity will exceed 1.04 billion kw by the end of the year. The production of so many power generation equipment is bound to require corresponding low-voltage electrical components. In addition, a new round of rural power transformation and upgrading projects and new measures to invest 300billion yuan in rural power transformation in the next three years will provide a great opportunity for the future expansion of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. The key still depends on whether the enterprise can meet the needs of the market in terms of independent innovative products, as well as the stability of product quality and operational reliability. From the survey of major enterprises in the industry, the sales output value in the second half of the year is promising. It is estimated that the global composite end product market of low-voltage electrical appliances in 2011 is expected to reach US $113.2 billion, and the overall sales situation will continue to grow compared with 2010, about 45 billion yuan. Corporate profits will also grow steadily and moderately

in 2011, smart electricity will enter the stage of full implementation, with a total investment of nearly 4trillion yuan. All these show once again the determination and will of our government to make rational use of resources, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively develop a low-carbon economy. At the same time, the investment in power construction will also enter a period of rapid growth, and the long-term development potential of the primary equipment sub industry and the secondary equipment sub industry is huge. Therefore, industry enterprises should firmly grasp the development opportunities of smart electricity, and with the development of smart electricity, enterprises should clearly realize that the development of low-voltage electrical appliances in the future should first be considered from the perspective of system development. And we should make great efforts in the work from the system to all components of power distribution, protection and control, and from strong current to weak current

tanrong, a researcher of China industrial information, said that the development of low-voltage electrical products in the future will show the following development trends:

intelligent low-voltage electrical products

in modern power stations and industrial and mining enterprises, computer monitoring system has been widely used, which puts forward high-performance and intelligent requirements for the matching low-voltage circuit breaker, and requires the products to have the functions of protection, monitoring, testing, self diagnosis, display and so on

electronic products. In modern enterprises, using PC control system to replace the system composed of electrical and mechanical components has become the mainstream of mechanical and electrical control system. The system requires electrical products to have high reliability and high anti-interference, and also requires that the contacts can reliably connect low voltage and weak current, and the arc when the contacts are disconnected cannot interfere with the normal operation of electronic circuits

product combination and modularization. It is the development direction of low-voltage electrical appliance industry to combine different functional modules into modular combiners according to different needs. Adding auxiliary contact components, time delay components, self-locking components, interface components, mechanical interlocking components and surge voltage components on the contactor body can meet the requirements of different occasions, so as to expand the scope of application of products, simplify the production process, and facilitate the installation, use and maintenance of users. At the same time, the new TPE level that can be adhered to various engineering plastic materials will be further improved to improve the reliability and quality of products

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