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Low reflection glass Frosting powder has a unique style

with the progress of science and technology, TV and computer have become an indispensable part of people's life. However, the computer and TV screens radiate too much, and the light is dazzling, which causes serious adverse effects on people's vision. In order to avoid harm to human body, various processing and production industries consider "green" as a key factor in the development of new products. In the frosting industry, low reflection glass Frosting powder is a wisdom contributed by the frosting industry to people. Low reflection glass Frosting powder means that the degree of reflection on the glass surface after frosting is reduced, and people can visually and comfortably see the objects opposite the glass. Among the many low reflection glass frosting powders, the glass Frosting powder produced by Zhengzhou Yuke is unique

after frosting powder is mixed into frosting solution, it is easy to deteriorate after long-term storage, so it cannot be used, resulting in waste. After careful research, Zhengzhou Yuke has overcome the difficulties of science and technology and developed a new type of low reflection glass Frosting powder. In the process of frosting, it is convenient to prepare the solution on May 19. Take an appropriate amount of frosting powder and hydrochloric acid and stir them evenly in plastic or metal containers after anti-corrosion treatment to form frosting solution. The frosting solution can be placed at room temperature for a long time to keep its performance unchanged. If precipitation occurs, it can disappear after gently stirring. When the remaining frosting solution is to be discharged, add quicklime to neutralize and discharge it, which is not toxic

there is a close relationship between the tensile value and the gauge distance in the tensile sample of raw rubber material with low reflection glass Frosting powder. In terms of production, Zhengzhou Yuke has a strong force and has been fully affirmed by the majority of new and old users. It is generally believed that after frosting with this type of powder, the reflective performance of the glass is reduced, the line of sight is clear, the particles are fine, and the distribution is uniform. It can be widely used in frosting processing of glass image frames, screens, etc

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