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Low radiation insulating glass can save energy in all seasons

at present, the internationally recognized most energy-saving glass is the so-called "low radiation insulating glass" (also known as Low-E insulating glass). The energy-saving glass is coated with a layer or several layers of silver on the surface of the glass, so that the visible light passes through high while the heat passes through low. This can prevent the external heat from entering the room in summer and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning; In winter, prevent indoor heat from leaking to the outside and reduce the loss of heating. So that energy can be saved all year round

using this low radiation glass can greatly reduce the starting time of the air conditioner in summer. The author's personal experience is that because the author is worried that being blown directly by the cold wind under the air conditioner will lead to a cold, the author likes to turn on the air conditioner and turn it off when the room temperature drops to a comfortable temperature. The author found that in the hot summer in Changsha, if you use ordinary single-layer glass, you need to restart the air conditioning in about half an hour, otherwise the indoor will be very hot. After using the new energy-saving glass, the indoor temperature can maintain a comfortable temperature for a long time, and the time speed test can reach about 3 hours. On summer nights, due to the slow decline of the external temperature, the heat preservation time can be longer. Basically, you can sleep until dawn without turning on the air conditioner, which reduces the possibility of "air conditioning disease" and greatly shortens the opening time of the air conditioner, This will extend the service life of the air conditioner

according to relevant statistics, in winter, the heat leakage through the window glass accounts for one third of the heating consumption. If the new energy-saving glass is used, the window, which is the "key area" of heat loss, can become a good thermal insulation facility. It can make the indoor temperature rise faster, and the insulation time is longer, and it can also greatly improve the comfort of the room

new energy-saving glass has a more beautiful coat. The color of electroplated parts of ordinary glass doors and windows wiped with engine oil is relatively monotonous, while new or energy-saving glass with the lowest dew point temperature can provide customers with colorless, transparent, gray, blue, blue gray and other dazzling colors for choice, which adds to the appearance beauty of houses and buildings. Zhonghua glass () Department

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