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On December 23, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomed a large delegation. The reasons for this phenomenon came from nearly 40 heads of transportation bureaus, highway groups, highway stations, municipal companies and other relevant road construction units from all over Hebei Province, such as Shijiazhuang, Handan, Hengshui, etc., who came to Shaanxi to visit Shaanxi construction machinery. They were warmly welcomed

the delegation came to the industrial park located in Xi'an Jingwei development zone. Accompanied by the leaders of the marketing company, the on-site commentator briefly introduced various product profiles, as well as the equipment configuration and processing capacity of each production workshop. We visited all production workshops such as riveting, welding, assembly and coating, inspected major products such as asphalt pavers and tower cranes, and were familiar with the production process and quality control process of Shaanxi construction machinery. Listen carefully, watch carefully, and stop and watch from time to time. The orderly production site, precise processing equipment and reliable product quality left a deep impression on the guests

after the visit, the guests had technical exchanges with Shaanxi construction machinery designers on specific products. The engineers of the company's engineering machinery research explained in detail the design principles, technical characteristics and product advantages of asphalt concrete pavers, pavement milling machines, asphalt mixing plants, rollers and other equipment. The guests were more familiar with the products of Shaanxi construction machinery, and many users expressed their purchase intention on site

in recent years, Hebei Province has adhered to seeking progress in stability, adapted to and led the new normal of economic development, took the lead in promoting transportation, ecological environmental protection and industry, and its comprehensive strength has continued to improve, which also provides a good opportunity for the market share of Shaanxi construction machinery pavement machinery in Hebei. The company has seized the opportunity to keep up with the market and has won a place in Hebei Province. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Hebei Province undertook the centralized relief function of the capital, and the regional integrated transportation network planning expanded the new space of modern infrastructure construction in Hebei Province. Build a modern comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, and create a large transportation pattern of "connecting the north and the south, connecting the East and the west", so as to realize the city's access to express railways, counties' access to highways, and the city's high praise from customers. The city has an airport. We will implement the construction projects of Taihang Mountain, Tianjin Shijiazhuang, Beijing Qinhuangdao and other expressways, promote the upgrading and reconstruction of trunk roads, the construction of rural roads, poor areas and mountain areas, and create the eastern and Northern starting point of the "the Belt and Road". These layouts are good for Shaanxi construction machinery. The company firmly seized this rare market opportunity, expanded publicity, and moved the practitioners of Hebei road construction industry with reliable products, honest and trustworthy character, and thoughtful and timely service. This visit is a good proof and full recognition, It has laid a good foundation for the company to slowly open the oil delivery valve and open a new situation in Hebei market in the coming year. (this article is from Shaanxi construction machinery)

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