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Hebei Xuangong company held a grand 2015 business work conference

Hebei Xuangong measured its water level in two mutually perpendicular directions on the oil cylinder. The company held a grand 2015 business work conference

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on January 8, the 2015 business work conference of Xuangong company was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Agents and service providers from all over the country were invited to participate in the meeting. The company's leaders and the heads of the company's sales, technology, quality and other systems attended the meeting to jointly summarize the past and plan for future marketing work

in the past 2014, facing the situation of large market ownership, insufficient demand, overcapacity, capital shortage, rising pressure on enterprise factor costs, increased accounts receivable and declining profits in the construction machinery industry, enterprises have taken various measures to deal with difficulties and crises. According to the general requirements of "one center, one main line, two fully complying with the current industry 4.0 trend, one structure, and one guarantee" put forward by Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Xuangong intensified market-oriented reform, carried out production line benchmarking in an all-round and all factor way, took the "brand building year" as the carrier and the "integration of production, supply, marketing, research and application" as the means, innovated marketing models, implemented differentiated services, and continuously improved market support and guarantee capabilities, With the full support of the agents, we have experienced an extraordinary year

at the meeting, the chairman of the company Chang Zhanfang "Michel glotin, director of akoma materials science, said that he made an opening speech with the theme of" cohesion, development and win-win ". While fully affirming the work and achievements of agents in 2014, he put forward the market management concept of" brand leading market management, focusing on customer precision marketing, highlighting the construction of distribution channels, and integrating differentiated services to win ". As a professional construction machinery manufacturer of bulldozers, the company has carried out large-scale technological transformation and equipment upgrading in recent years around the productivity improvement of bulldozers and the processing and self-made of key parts and components. In terms of quantity and technical content, processing equipment is at the leading level in the same industry in China. In 2015, Xuangong will focus on product upgrading and structural adjustment, and take reform and innovation as the driving force to comprehensively improve the company's management innovation ability, market competitiveness, product efficiency, talent management ability and capital operation ability, so as to create a more pragmatic, efficient and powerful More dynamic "new publicity"

Wang Jianchun, general manager of the company, made a report entitled "innovative marketing, sincere cooperation, firm confidence, transformation and win-win". In 2015, the company took the overall improvement of business performance as the goal, the transformation of business model and the activation of resource efficiency as the work center, the reform and innovation work as the driving force, and the strengthening of professional management and control as the means to further promote the reform of management system and mechanism, the reform of three systems, the reform of marketing model and scientific and technological innovation, further optimize the allocation of resources, and strengthen the service response speed to agents and users from the internal management process

at the meeting, eight excellent agents were commended according to the completion of the host and accessories task indicators of all agents in 2014. In his speech, excellent agents said that his main goal is to increase varieties, improve quality and economic benefits. Together with Xuangong, they will continue to strengthen the integration of ideas with Xuangong in practice, forge ahead, innovate marketing, and make suggestions and contributions to the development and growth of Xuangong company in 2015

during the business meeting, the company conducted e-commerce business training for construction machinery for the participants, introduced the continuous improvement of the company's products and 2015 service guarantee and accessory sales measures to agents and service providers, and had a one-on-one discussion with agents and service providers

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