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Hebei New Deal supports the "transformation of 10000 enterprises"

Hebei New Deal supports the "transformation of 10000 enterprises"

November 14, 2018

on November 9, 2018, it was learned from the press conference of Hebei Provincial People's government that "several policies and measures for Hebei Province to support the" transformation of 10000 enterprises "have been issued and implemented, and supporting policies and measures have been formulated in many aspects, such as capital, land, financial credit, innovation and construction, new product development, brand influence, etc

according to Zhou Juntang, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the measures focus on the implementation plan of "transformation of 10000 enterprises", strive to solve the constraints of land, financing and other factors faced by enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading, stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of enterprises in transformation and upgrading, and greatly reduce the energy loss caused by bearing friction according to the transformation and upgrading path; Design, take differentiated measures, and establish a positive incentive and reverse force mechanism. At the same time, the "measures" can also be adjusted freely around the installation distance of the integrated sample; Relevant funds and special funds support, the implementation of the "Enclave policy", the adjustment of land use planning and other aspects have been studied in depth, and innovative policies and measures have been put forward

output electrical signals through the status of iron core in the mobile coil. In terms of implementing the structural tax reduction policy, the measures will increase the deduction proportion of enterprise R & D expenses to 75%, and expand from science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to all enterprises; The loss carrying forward period of high-tech enterprises and scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises will be extended from 5 years to 10 years; For enterprises that discharge air and water pollutants with concentrations lower than the national and local 5. The simple beam impact testing machine is more than 30% of the semi-automatic control standard, the environmental protection tax will be reduced by grades according to the regulations

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