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Hebei Guoshou: don't relax, don't slack off, 95519 contact center service will never drop the line

= Hebei Guoshou 95519 staff answer at home. Photo by Liu Hui

on January 6, Shijiazhuang implemented closed-loop management due to the COVID-19, and the city pressed the pause button. As an important remote service window, Hebei Guoshou 95519 customer contact center serves the largest life insurance consumption in the province. What is the specific process of metal tensile test? Groups should not be interrupted by the epidemic

on January 5, Qiao Jijing, manager of Hebei Guoshou 95519 customer contact center, urgently applied to start the remote home service. After the green channel was opened, the first remote connection was connected at 15:00 on the same day. At 4 p.m., 95519 was launched at home, and the line ran smoothly

on January 6, LV Lidong and table Xiaotong from the customer contact center were responsible for delivering computers to partners distributed in each community. From the south of the city to the west of the city, from the first ring road to the Third Ring Road, in Shijiazhuang, which is more than ten degrees below zero, they spent ten hours sending computers to a total of 12 colleagues, ensuring the timely deployment of answering work, and 95519 remained unblocked

Johnson & Johnson has been sending computers to the community where 95519 staff are located since 2009. Liu Hui took

and delivered the last computer. It was already more than 7 p.m. It is already dark, the street lights on the streets are flashing, and there are no pedestrians or vehicles. However, with the advancement of skills and the new needs of shopping malls, the world is quiet. Lu Lidong said: Although we can't rush to the front line of anti epidemic like the medical staff, we are also dedicating our own strength to make the city have insurance guards and let everyone who calls 95519 feel the persistence and warmth of the national life service staff

as a group leader of the call in post, Liu Jing should not only be responsible for the deployment of line personnel, but also coordinate trivial matters such as computer fault resolution and meal scheduling. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the monitoring and inspection of team members, listen to the situation of key personnel in the group after a large number of experimental conversations, provide one-on-one online counseling, and put forward improvement suggestions and schemes. It was not until all the problems were solved that day that she was reassured, and it was often late at night

is a kind of power. As a team leader, I should set an example in special times, lead the team to keep on-the-job working state at all times, do not relax and slack off, and ensure that the service level of 95519 will never drop! Liu Jing said

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