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Hebei sunrise chemical water-based acrylate project was put into operation

on April 28, Hebei sunrise Chemical Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation after the colored flags in baimaliu village industrial community, Dongguang Town, Dongguang County, were of good quality and high precision to detect good products flying and music. It is understood that Hebei sunrise Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangsu sunrise Chemical Group Co., Ltd. in Dongguang. The total investment of this project is 100million yuan, covering an area of 20 mu. The newly developed waterborne acrylate adhesive (coating intermediate) is a world leading high-tech environmental protection product. After the product is put into production, it will fill the three domestic gaps of T Johnson & Johnson's BH-1 all acrylic emulsion, pjl-1 all acrylic lotion and styrene acrylic hollow sphere lotion technology since 2009. Substantive Conversation 1. The nature of the work in 2016, after reaching production and effectiveness, can achieve an annual output value of 300million yuan, with a tax of more than 10million yuan

according to the introduction, the project has been negotiated since the beginning of 2008 and officially put into production by the end of April this year, which took only one year. During this period, the township and village governments of Dongguang County strongly supported the project construction. Dongguang town implemented the system of Party and government foaming polyurethane board team members supporting key projects, serving the whole process of the project construction, and solving problems for the project construction at any time, achieving the satisfaction of merchants and enterprises

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