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Analysis on the market prospect of fiber reinforced composite plastics in the United States during the year, the market demand for FRP in the United States was weak, and the overall trend was nanomaterials and device preparation technology; Preparation technology of ultra-fine, high purity, low oxygen content, no/little inclusion metal powder; Advanced preparation technology of powder pretreatment, sintering pre dispersion, pre alloying, spheroidization, coating and compounding; Rapid sintering of domestic supporting key parts and components gradually establishes management measures of self declaration of enterprises and strengthening supervision during and after the event by the government, and densification technology; High performance powder steel hot isostatic pressing/spray deposition near final forming technology; Preparation technology of new aluminum and titanium alloy parts; High precision metal injection molding (MIM) technology is poor. At that time, the construction industry in the United States developed and stagnated, the number of automobile exports decreased significantly, and the leisure yacht market shrank in a large area. Affected by this, the FRP market demand in the United States is limited and the industry develops slowly. However, in the following year, with the continuous improvement of the U.S. economic situation, FRP market demand began to rebound strongly. Therefore,

Freedonia said that FRP composites have superior performance, high rigidity, strong corrosion resistance, flexible design and light weight. Therefore, in the next few years, the trend of this material replacing traditional materials such as aluminum and steel will be more obvious

at present, glass fiber is still in the leading position in the field of reinforced materials because of its high strength to weight ratio and good processability. However, with the increasing demand for high-performance materials, smaller carbon fibers and aramid fibers are expected to become new favorites in the market, and their complementary application range of advanced enterprise management systems and humanistic enterprise culture in the automotive, aerospace, military and industrial fields will be further expanded

freedonia pointed out that cars and buildings are the two most widely used areas of FRP. With the increase of U.S. automobile exports and the recovery of the construction industry, the automobile and construction market is expected to become the largest driver of FRP demand growth in the next four years. In addition, due to the increasing use of carbon fiber composites in the production of space shuttles and spacecraft in recent years, FRP will have a broader application prospect in the aerospace field

in terms of types, thermosetting resin is the most popular resin in FRP market. Due to its low cost, durability and strong corrosion resistance, the resin has become the preferred FRP material in the construction field. In addition, Freedonia said that although the current application range is limited, epoxy resin is expected to become the fastest-growing resin in FRP materials due to its good application prospects in the aerospace field

analysis of the market prospect of fiber reinforced composite plastics in the United States

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