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Hebei Xuangong "yellow armband" marks the new image of "quality improvement" of the enterprise

Hebei Xuangong "yellow armband" marks the new image of "quality improvement" of the enterprise

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recently, all front-line quality inspectors of the quality assurance department of Hebei Xuangong uniformly wear the "yellow armband" marked with "quality inspection", and they actively play the role of on-site inspection and supervision in all branches. The obvious sign has become the quality assurance of the production line and added a beautiful scenery to promote the quality improvement

on the morning of May 5, when the author came to the comprehensive branch, the members of the branch inspection team had taken the "yellow armband" and went to the work area under their jurisdiction for inspection. At this time, I saw Yang Qinggang, the leader of the inspection team, who was using a set of comprehensive inspection tools designed and made by himself to measure the "transition plate", which has 23 complex parts with different sizes, such as machined pin holes and screw holes. Because the position of the hole of this part can not be accurately measured with a coordinate ruler, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of various holes on the tested parts and meet the needs of product inspection, he innovated the testing ideas, led the characteristics and work of the well cover pressure testing machine, and the key to reshaping the competitive mode is to adhere to the unshakable conditions of reforming the open line, and the whole group of inspectors actively tackled key problems, so that many products have transitioned from traditional measuring tools to self-made measuring tools, The transition from only spot checking key parts to comprehensive testing has improved the level of product inspection. By optimizing the inspection means, the qualified rate of products is guaranteed. He said, "the quality of the tooling produced by the branch factory directly affects the processing accuracy of the products. It is the responsibility of the inspector to ensure the production of high-quality tooling products. What 'yellow armband' gives us is a kind of."

on the platform, I saw Li Fuyuan, the final inspector wearing the "yellow armband", who was responsible for the final inspection of the bulldozer. Each bulldozer of different models ready to be shipped on the platform must be comprehensively inspected by him. With more than ten years of work experience, he summed up the inspection method of "one listen, two look, three hands, four analysis and five control" in the post of inspector, and achieved 100% of the factory pass rate of the whole machine through the effective "five methods". He often said, "it's easy to be an inspector, but it's difficult to be a good inspector. Since I chose to inspect, I have to stand on this post. The 'yellow armband' is a mission and pride for me."

since this year, the quality assurance department has moved the focus of its work forward, requiring quality inspectors to go deep into the front-line scene, improve response speed, and solve problems in a timely manner. Wear the "yellow armband" to improve the inspection image, better regulate the on-site behavior of quality inspectors, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of quality inspectors. By strengthening the inspection frequency, strengthening the management, and taking "changing the style and improving the quality" as the starting point, it is hard to build a high-level quality inspector team. The service journey is hard, and it is necessary to make efforts to achieve comprehensive profits and protect the overall improvement of product quality

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