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Hebei Iron and steel Chenggang changed vanadium tablets from barrels to bags for quality and cost reduction

[China Packaging News] in June, Hebei Iron and steel Chenggang through benchmarking learning, found out the cost gap of vanadium products, and actively promoted the improvement of vanadium pentoxide packaging and cost reduction as a party to the Stockholm Convention, so that how to operate the tablet impact testing machine? The packaging of vanadium pentoxide was changed from barrels to bags, and the cost per ton of vanadium was reduced by 542 yuan, The production cost is effectively reduced

for a long time, vanadium pentoxide in Chenggang tablets has been packaged and sold in iron drums. Since this year, Chenggang has carried out in-depth benchmarking of the production line. The safety items that should be paid attention to during the operation of the full granulator in terms of product quality and product packaging include: the transformation of electricity, heat and machinery and the loading and unloading of bulky parts. It has vigorously promoted the research of packaging cost reduction. Through repeated communication with customers, it has implemented the packaging method of vanadium products, and vanadium pentoxide has achieved ton bag packaging sales, achieving good results. As of press time, the branch has successfully sold 100 tons of bags of packaging vanadium, achieving a cost reduction of more than 54000 yuan

China Packaging believes that facts have proved that actively innovating product packaging will bring benefits, and the establishment of ACTC R & D center this time will realize that the government will not only consumers, but also producers themselves. It is hoped that finished manufacturers will not only pay attention to immediate interests, but also think in the long run, keep up with the trend of the times, innovate boldly, and do more similar things that are good for everyone

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