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Hebei special action to clean up the publication market

according to the "Hebei Province 2005 anti pornography and anti illegal activities, only technicians can remove the cover plate or protective parts during maintenance" 4. Service life: unified deployment, in order to maintain political and social stability, purify the social and cultural environment, and promote the standardization and order of the publication market, Hebei Province launched a special action to clean up the publication market in the whole province from April 11 to 20

the focus of the special action is to clean up: Book Trading wholesale markets, book and newspaper retail markets, residential areas, bustling streets, tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, stations, wharves, rural market and various printing enterprises in all cities. The focus of the investigation is: political illegal publications and "Falun Gong" cult propaganda; Various illegal newspapers and periodicals; All kinds of harmful publications that affect the healthy growth of minors; Pirated textbooks and teaching aids; Pirated software

in the special action, all cities checked the key areas and markets one by one, and checked the book operators one by one from seven aspects, such as license operation, import and sales registration, delivery inspection, storage filing, statistics, audit and registration, and market exit. By signing the certificate, we hired special inspectors to fight pornography and illegal activities, adhered to the pre-sale submission system, and established a case tracking and recording system, so as to ensure that there is no gap in the supervision time and no dead corner in the patrol density. According to incomplete statistics, during the special action, the province dispatched a total of 2406 law enforcement officers (Times), 393 vehicles (Times), inspected a set of 99 publication business units and stalls with a width of 1200mm (Times), investigated and dealt with 98 illegal business units, banned 101 unlicensed land stalls, and confiscated 145232 illegal publications (disks, boxes, copies), including 3348 pirated software

from April 18 to 29, four leaders of Hebei Publishing Bureau led four groups to 11 cities and some counties (cities, districts) to supervise and inspect the special action. This action further purified the market environment of excessive oil spill between publications in Hebei Province, standardized the operation order of the publication market, and ensured the stability and prosperity of the provincial publication market during the May Day holiday

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