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Hebei Iron and steel: rise to be the "River steel of the world" on the world stage

Hebei Iron and steel: rise to be the "River steel of the world" on the world stage

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on May 15, the third batch of personnel of the South African iron and steel project of Hebei Iron and steel group went to South Africa to implement the construction conditions involved in the site selection report of the iron and steel plant one by one. "This is the steel plant with the largest overseas monomer investment in China so far, which has risen to the national level, and the feasibility study of the project must be done." Everyone in the project department is both proud and stressed

"the overseas development conforms to the national strategy and the actual situation of the enterprise. It is the right time to implement the overseas development strategy and promote the overseas layout. The overseas layout will accelerate the group to achieve the truly internationally competitive enterprise goal." As the largest steel enterprise in China, it has the largest marketing network in the world from starting the South African steel project to holding the Swiss Degas. Under the leadership of chairman Yu Yong, he steel has become more and more international, and the enterprise's sense of competition and self-confidence have been fully aroused. With the mission of "revitalizing national industry, playing the role of the state, and building the most competitive iron and steel enterprise in the world", what kind of "going out" mode has this enterprise chosen with a maximum height of 170mm vision? What beneficial enlightenment can its exploration and achievements in "going out" bring to the industry? For this reason, the author went into Hegang to find out

two "thick chess"

on a wooden board, 361 intersections are drawn in 19 lines vertically and horizontally. The master's focus is on the overall consideration of strategy and tactics. A "thick chess" that has influence on the surrounding situation is enough to change the whole pattern. The South African steel project and the holding company of Deco are the "thick chess" of Hegang's "going out" and realizing globalization

"to speed up the global layout of Hegang, we must have our own global manufacturing base." Yu Yong expressed the strategic significance of the South African steel project. On September 10, 2014, River Steel Group signed a contract with South Africa Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and China Africa Development Fund Co., Ltd., announcing the launch of a 5million ton steel project in South Africa, setting a record for China to invest in the construction of the largest full process steel project overseas so far

according to the data, South Africa is one of the "BRICs countries", a founding member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and an important member of the African Union, and has good trade relations with the African Union, the European Union and the United States. At present, the steel market in South Africa is monopolized by giant Mittal. The South African government actively supports the construction of steel projects in order to enhance the competition in the domestic steel market and expand the domestic steel supply. Looking at the whole African continent, there is a huge demand in the field of infrastructure construction. In addition, Hegang acquired PMC mining company of South Africa from Rio Tinto in 2013, with about 270 million tons of high-grade iron ore resources and a team familiar with South Africa's policies, regulations, culture and management, which provided strong support for the smooth implementation of this strategy

nowadays, this project not only attracts CIC. 14. Overload protection: when the load exceeds 2-5% of the maximum value, it will shut down automatically; Participating in investment cooperation also promotes the project construction to become a national industrial construction. The Ministry of foreign affairs informed the South African government of the idea of preparing to build an economic demonstration park with the "River Steel South Africa 5million ton steel project as the core project", and received a positive response. River steel has established a contact system with relevant departments of the South African government, and all work is being accelerated

holding Deco has opened a new mode of integrated cooperation between China's largest steel enterprise and the world's largest steel trade and integrated service provider, and has an international "bridgehead" to enter the world at one stroke. On November 18, 2014, Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. increased its shareholding in Degas to 51%, which is the first time for China's steel enterprises to acquire international mature commercial networks. It is understood that Degas' marketing network covers 76 locations around the world, has trade activities in more than 120 countries, and provides services to more than 43000 medium - and high-end customers around the world. "Holding Deco, Hegang has the world's largest marketing network, the world's most cutting-edge high-end talents in risk control, financial management, business network and management structure, a world-wide brand, and a 'bridge' and 'pedal' to the world." Make up your mind and move forward step by step. Yu Yong has full consideration of "going out"

at present, Degas has played an important role in expanding the global market share, low-cost financing, international talent training, helping the strategic development of Africa, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, jointly developing and occupying emerging markets, and forming collaborative development advantages. The goal of "global market ownership, global customer ownership, and global resource allocation" of Hegang is already visible

going out with strength

"going out" tests not only the decision-making courage of an enterprise, but also the comprehensive test of enterprise management ability and overall strength. In this regard, Hegang has shown full confidence and excellent strength

the equity acquisition of PMC company in South Africa is the first large-scale overseas M & a project led by River steel. By leading domestic enterprises to form a Chinese consortium, and then jointly investing with South African IDC to subscribe for South African PMC company, River steel holds 35% of the shares with us $234million, becoming the largest shareholder of PMC company and leading the operation and management. South African IDC is the second largest shareholder, using capital ties to form a community of interests. Since the acquisition, he steel has focused on the sustainable development of the enterprise, urged and supported the company to accelerate the construction of a series of projects from the perspective of shareholders, improved and maintained the long-term competitive advantages of the two main business segments of copper products and iron resources, and made employees feel that he steel really cares for the future of the enterprise; In addition, it attaches importance to the establishment of effective dialogue and communication mechanisms with local trade unions, associations and other organizations, and actively implements the social responsibility, which has also won a good reputation for the enterprise

In 2014, PMC's production and operation were safe and stable, and many indicators set a record. The production capacity of high-grade iron concentrate powder basically reached 10million tons at the third strong pressure, and the actual production and sales volume reached more than 8million tons, creating a good return on investment for shareholders and becoming a successful example of Chinese enterprises in non investment projects

"the business philosophy, product capability, technical team and marketing network of Hegang can compete with competitors in any region of the world. Give Hegang a blueprint, and Hegang people are confident to draw better." Taking the advantage of green manufacturing as an example, the core enterprise of Hegang is known as "the cleanest steel plant in the world", and clean energy and environmental protection technologies concentrate the most developed technologies in China's steel industry. Many foreign colleagues, after admiring and visiting, hope to build a "River steel replica" for them in China. Up to now, Hegang has 3066 independent intellectual property rights and has participated in the drafting of 30 national standards. It has become the "leader" of steel for nuclear power in China and the only enterprise that can independently produce quenched and tempered high-strength steel for large thickness offshore platforms

with resources, support, platform and strength to "go out", he steel has full confidence to build the most competitive steel in a new area and in accordance with new ideas. With the launch of the South African steel project, according to the scale of "3million tons of long products in phase I and 2million tons of plates in phase II", a green, multi-functional and the most competitive steel plant in the world is desirable

be "the river steel of the world"

"overseas strategy is the grand strategy for the future development of the group. The great changes and growth momentum of the group in the future are in the overseas sector. The whole group should be confident to go out and jointly promote the development and growth of the overseas sector." On April 22, Yu Yong stressed at the special study report meeting of "interpreting POSCO strategy" of Hegang that "Hegang must gradually extend its tentacles to mature industries with high-end technology and high-end intellectual property rights in developed regions of the world by selling steel alone, implement vertical acquisitions, and extend the steel industry chain to the downstream. Put it into the test piece"

to break the situation that China's steel industry has been in the "middle and lower ends" of the international industry chain for a long time, Leading the industry to leap to the "medium and high-end", Hegang once again showed its ambition to the world

accelerate the pace of globalization, and the overseas cooperation of Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. will tend to be diversified in the future. It will take 3 to 5 years to form a "2232" development pattern, that is, to cultivate two functional clusters that serve the main domestic steel industry and overseas new businesses overseas; Build two listing platforms of investment and financing; Create three core business segments: resources, manufacturing and trade; Rely on Degao to build the main base of international market development, and rely on PMC mining company in South Africa to build the main base of overseas industrial development. The ultimate goal is to achieve an annual overseas operating revenue of US $20billion by 2018, accounting for 30% of the group's operating revenue

at present, River steel directly or indirectly participates in and controls about 70 overseas companies, with investments in more than 30 countries and regions such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Mauritius, Luxembourg, etc., controls and operates overseas assets of $6billion, and has about 7000 overseas employees. In 2014, 6.8 million tons of steel were exported, with a year-on-year increase of 51.5%, achieving overseas operating revenue of US $12.7 billion and net profit of US $153 million

hesteel, a world-wide steel enterprise, is ahead, and it is bound to be built into the most competitive steel enterprise in the world

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