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Hebei explores a new mode of industrial product production license approval

from this year, the provincial quality supervision system will significantly shorten the approval time limit, explore and promote the mode of enterprise commitment and formal review in the on-site verification of industrial product production license. First, it will be implemented in the on-site verification of license renewal enterprises, free of the review fee of license renewal enterprises, and the approval time limit will be reduced from the original commitment of 22 working days to 5 working days

for the administrative approval items implemented according to law, we should further strengthen the implementation of certification, improve the application and approval system, optimize procedures, simplify links, and reengineer processes. Simplify the links and processes of laboratory re evaluation, put the management requirements of 11 elements and 22 terms in the shutdown link of re evaluation into daily supervision, and shorten the approval time limit from 51 days to 25 days

this year, our province will continue to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system and publish the list of administrative examination and approval items. Publicize the list of administrative approval items of the quality supervision department, and move towards the management of the negative list of approval items. Gradually, all items outside the approval list are opened in place, which are decided by the market entities themselves according to law and self disciplined by industry organizations

delegate administrative approval authority. Undertake the administrative examination and approval authority delegated by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, and re sort out the administrative licensing and non administrative licensing matters of the Provincial Bureau. All those that are not clearly stipulated to be managed by the Provincial Bureau, do not involve major safety issues, are directly targeted at the grass-roots level in a large number and a wide range, or are more convenient and effective to be implemented by the local authorities, will be delegated to the municipal and county bureaus

conduct in-depth research on various administrative licensing and non administrative licensing projects such as quality, measurement, standards, certification and accreditation, special equipment, etc., maximize the opening up to the end, simplify the process, shorten the completion time limit, improve the quality and efficiency of approval, minimize charges and fines, reduce the burden on enterprises, make streamlining administration and delegating power a continuous reform action, and create a good quality government environment that enlivens market players

strictly control the examination and approval of production licenses. For projects that do not conform to industrial policies, have backward production capacity, involve major safety and serious environmental pollution, we should resolutely control them, do not approve new licenses, and earnestly play a functional role in implementing the four major changes in the guiding ideology, adjusting the structure and mode, resolving overcapacity, and controlling air pollution, so as to ensure that they can work normally and ensure safe development

while deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, our province will further strengthen the key supervision of product quality. Explore the market backtracking mechanism of supervision and spot check, improve the linkage spot check mechanism, establish a double disclosure system of spot check results and post-treatment results, increase the sampling proportion in the circulation field, and focus on spot check of 14 categories of consumer goods such as washing products and disposable household paper, as well as 5 categories of industrial products such as wires and cables and dangerous chemicals, so as to improve the scientificity and effectiveness of supervision and spot check, and ensure that the post-treatment rate of unqualified products reaches 100%

implement key supervision according to the classification of risk level, and use information technology to register and enter all supervision objects in jurisdictions at all levels, so as to find out the bottom line and grasp the truth. Through sampling inspection, comprehensive investigation, public opinion information, inter enterprise supervision, consumer feedback, public reporting and other means, we can find hidden dangers in quality and safety, determine the risk level, implement differential supervision and dynamic level management, and clarify and focus on the supervision of high-level risk products

promote the implementation of quality co governance. After canceling and decentralizing administrative examination and approval and simplifying examination and approval links and procedures, we should pay attention to giving play to the role of the market and society and strengthen supervision during and after the event. Promote 100 enterprises to set up chief quality officers, and adhere to the warning interview, disclosure of administrative law enforcement punishment case information, blacklist, defective product recall and other systems. Establish a joint meeting system for quality management of social organizations, select and hire two representatives and one member as voluntary supervisors, and organize a team of 1000 college students volunteers. No matter what kind of lunch box, strengthen cooperation with the media, unblock 12365 social public reporting and complaint channels, and implement the reporting and reward system

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