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Hebei Iron and Steel Group products are favored by domestic key engineering projects

Hebei Iron and Steel Group products are favored by domestic key engineering projects

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98.07 in 2014, the Group sales head office played the role of the group brand, implemented a comprehensive and differentiated sales model and high-quality services, and won the favor of domestic key projects. The group's products were supplied to 449 domestic engineering projects such as subway, airport, high-speed railway, highway, hydropower, nuclear power and port, with a supply of 3.65 million tons, an increase of 320000 tons year-on-year. Among them, 70 national major projects such as Beijing Shenyang Railway, Beijing subway, Baosteel Zhanjiang project, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, CNOOC Huangyan project, the third line of West to east gas transmission project, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, China Zun and so on have been supplied, and 802600 tons have been supplied

in order to promote the tracking, direct supply and efficiency creation of key engineering projects, the sales head office has paid close attention to the collection of project information from the source, established an engineering project management organization, and actively connected with local development and reform commissions, design institutes, construction units and other multi-channel channels by combining the centralized collection of project information with daily supplement, and the channels of government departments with upper collection, screening and determining 139 tracking projects; After the arrival of the new machine, hold a steel sales promotion meeting for key engineering projects every quarter to directly check the implementation of the project tracking and scheduling; Various engineering project archives, strategic user information archives, bidding authorization archives, etc. have been established, and business processes have been continuously improved to make the operation procedures more concise and efficient. We have deepened strategic cooperation, stabilized sales channels, signed cooperation agreements with 50 strategic users, promoted exchanges and refined strategic user management. Therefore, we have established a regular consultation system with central enterprises such as China Railway Construction Corporation, China Metallurgical Corporation and China Railway and Materials Corporation, ensuring that more steel flows to national key projects, regional landmark buildings and well-known brand enterprises. Innovating the marketing mode of participating in bidding and tendering, pricing according to the region on the regional engineering projects in Inner Mongolia, Zhangxuan and Chengde, and winning the bid for major national projects such as Beijing Shenyang Railway and Fengning hydropower, and signing the supply agreement; As the installation of these main equipment directly participated in the bidding through the e-commerce platform, Beijing Hegang steel trading company directly participated in the bidding through the MCC e-commerce platform, and won the bid, realizing a new breakthrough in exploring the sales mode in engineering projects; In view of the particularity of the use of steel in nuclear power projects and national power projects, special sales means were taken to contact the winning bidder and strive for direct supply, so as to realize the supply of 18000 tons of nuclear power in Yangjiang, Taishan, Hongyanhe and Shidaowan. In terms of the sales strategy of engineering projects, we adjusted the policy of direct supply of engineering projects, determined the priority principle of direct supply of engineering projects, implemented the scheme of direct distribution of rod and wire products in Beijing, and signed direct supply agreements with China Construction First Bureau, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, China housing and Construction Corporation, Minmetals iron and steel company, etc., realizing the deep-seated innovation of the traditional marketing mode of the group's building materials products; Taking full advantage of the group's equipment and technology research and development advantages, we have actively cooperated with subsidiaries, strengthened late product supply services, appointed business and technical personnel to go deep into the project site, and made efforts to solve customers' actual problems, which has won market recognition

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