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On May 4, a brief comment on the polyester filament Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

on May 4, the overall performance of polyester in Shengze chemical fiber market continued to be flat, resulting in an ecological balance that was weak enough to compete with other materials. The market sentiment was relatively low, the mentality of market operating companies was very fragile, the price trend was generally price concessions, and the wait-and-see mentality of downstream buyers was very serious, and they generally looked down on the market in the later stage. Shengze textile factory has lowered the ex factory prices of semi gloss and lustrous polyester FDY by yuan/ton; In addition, some big textile mills have also lowered DTY; Some products of chip spinning enterprises have also been adjusted. The quotation of Tongxiang and Taicang POY is temporarily stable today, but there are still preferential promotions for the actual shipment transaction

from the perspective of variety trend, poy75d/72f and 150d/48 siloxane are inorganic F products. The market center price and temperature control accuracy of poy75d/72f and 150d/48 siloxane are 12200 and 11600 yuan/ton respectively. The purchasing power of downstream texturing enterprises for POY products is general, and the sales of POY are still very poor; The sales volume of fdy150d/96f continues to rise, which is due to the seasonal peak production season of silk like fabrics. There is little demand for category 68D in the market, mainly due to the sewage treatment of water jet looms in Wujiang Hengfan area in the early stage. Recently, Lili area has entered the sewage treatment stage of water jet looms, engaged in chemical materials, special products and agricultural businesses respectively. At present, the market price of silk is yuan/t. Dty75d/72f, 100d/144f and 150d/144f still have shipments, but the sales of conventional varieties in the mainstream market are weak. At present, no matter spinning chemical fiber factories or weaving and texturing factories have more or less financial pressure, and the inventory pressure of spinning chemical fiber factories is still there. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the polyester market is strong, and most people believe that the future price will have a downward trend

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