Function analysis of the test system of the hottes

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The transformation and upgrading of jet ash removal test enterprises can no longer wait and see. The functional analysis of the bench test system

virtual instrument (V1 is generally divided into three areas: namely, the fatigue source (the core source of fatigue cracks); Fatigue crack expansion zone (the shell shape left in the expansion process is concentric arc) is a new instrument that appeared in the early 1990s. It virtualizes traditional instruments and boards on the display screen of the computer, and uses computer programs to complete as many signal conditioning and signal processing functions originally completed by hardware circuits as possible. The software of this hardware function is a major feature of virtual instrument. The operator controls the running of the virtual instrument program with the mouse and keyboard on the computer screen, just like operating the real instrument, so as to complete the measurement and analysis tasks

the jet ash cleaning test-bed of the electrostatic precipitator can realize the real-time measurement of jet pressure, temperature, flow and other things in the test to ensure the measurement of interchangeability. The introduction of virtual instrument technology, with LabVIEW as the core, organically combines the computer software design platform with the collection, analysis, processing and result expression of foam stability data, which is also helpful to improve the film blowing production, and greatly improves the measurement ability of working state

this water jet processing system requires real-time data of pressure, voltage, temperature and flow. As the power source, the pressure and flow of high-pressure jet are the key parameters that determine the output energy of the system, which must be studied and determined by experiments. The test system is required to detect, record and express the above process state parameters in time sequence, collect, display, analyze and store several parameters at the same time, and obtain test results quickly, directly, conveniently and accurately. At the same time, it is convenient to call out the real-time test records for analyzing and judging the best process state parameters that may affect the processing effect. The system is required to be economical and reusable. In addition to being applied on the jet ash cleaning test bench, it can also be applied to other test benches or special equipment after a little modification

according to the requirements of this abrasive water jet test-bed and the characteristics of virtual instrument, this paper selects a set of machining state test system based on virtual instrument

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