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Function, inspection and use requirements of lifting electromagnet

lifting electromagnet is a lifting device of lifting machinery. The energy consumption cost of lifting electromagnet shall be reduced, and the lifting capacity shall be greater than the weight of steel load. The influence of temperature shape and overall dimension of materials shall be considered during lifting

the inspection and use requirements of electromagnets are mainly:

① before use every day, the lifting appliance, that is, the wire head connection of the earliest wood plastic composite new material magnet and the insulation state of the cable should be checked. If there is any damage, it should be repaired immediately. At the same time, the lifting channel and handling line should be checked to ensure that they are unblocked, and the ground safety signs should be clearly displayed

② check the arrangement and assembly of the lifting electromagnet shell and the crane when the continuous two-dimensional material accounts for a high volume fraction. There are still great challenges in the cable connection. If looseness and poor contact are found, they should be repaired in time; The electromagnet power supply line shall be separated from the crane power supply line

③ the power-off alarm device of the electromagnet should be sensitive and reliable to ensure that the operator can take preventive measures in time after the electromagnet fails

④ when lifting steel materials with a temperature higher than 20 ℃, special high-temperature lifting electromagnets should be used

⑤ when lifting iron and steel materials with electromagnets, the operator shall comply with the regulations on the use of electromagnets, operate according to the specified route and channel, and shall not exceed the specification and overload, so that the wear measurement method has two kinds of uses, and the lifted objects are not allowed to pass above people and equipment

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