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The function of the distribution center and its design case analysis (V)

(4) EIQ analysis

Table 3 shows the order quantity (E) of the distribution center in one day and the number of commodity types (I) and quantity (q) required for each order

table 3

it can be seen from table 3 that there is the following relationship between order (E) and type (I), so that the indicated value can be measured within 5 ‰ of the actual value:

(1) Order E1 requires 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and other five types of goods, which are 3, 5, 1, 2, 3, and a total of 14 pieces

(2) for 11 kinds of goods, there are four orders E1, E2, E3 and E4, which require 3, 2, 4 and 2 pieces respectively, a total of 11 pieces

in addition, the order (E), type (I) and quantity (q) have the following relationships with the storage area and containerized unit appliances:

(1) for an order, several kinds of goods required are kept in the same area

(2) for an order, several kinds of goods required are kept in different areas

(3) the quantity of a certain commodity required by the order is exactly the storage quantity of a whole container unit

(4) the quantity of a certain commodity required by the order is not the storage quantity of a whole container unit

qualitative and quantitative analysis of the above relationship, combined relationship analysis is the main basis for the overall layout of the distribution center, the form of container units and the selection of storage areas, the selection of picking equipment, and the process flow of picking operations

the selection of picking equipment is mainly based on the number of ordered pieces (E), number of varieties (I), inventory varieties (Zi), picking varieties (PI), quantity (q), inventory quantity (ZQ), number of inventory pallets (ZP), picking quantity (PQ), inventory of each variety (zq/i), picking quantity of each variety (pq/i), etc. the design is ever-changing and colorful, but the combination of storage form and picking form is different according to table 1, The main types of picking equipment are as follows:

(7) distribution center management system (P is also designed according to MS for brittle metals)

distribution center management system (PMS) is an important part of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain Management (SCM). Moreover, the key for distribution centers to reduce inventory and improve service quality is also computer management technology and Internet technology

however, the scale of the enterprise varies, and the computer management construction of each department of the enterprise also has its own sequence. Therefore, how to plan and design the framework and content of PMS is an important part of the planning and design of distribution centers

the distribution center management system (pms0) is much more complex than the warehouse management system (WMS) of fully automated warehouses. Because there are several storage areas, the operation methods include automatic, mechanized and manual operation, and the picking methods include sorting out and sporadic out, that is, material flow, operation flow and information flow. How to keep synchronized and unified brings new challenges to the timely recording, change and repair of information

whether the distribution center management system (PMS) uses the distribution center management module in enterprise MRP-2 or ERP, or establishes an independent distribution center management system (PMS), which is connected with the relevant upper and lower management systems through middleware, is also one of the controversies

distribution center is still in its infancy in China, but its development speed will be very rapid, and there is not much experience to learn from. How to build a practical, economic and efficient distribution center according to the characteristics of our country, especially its own use and scale, and avoid unnecessary waste may be a problem that we should discuss together as long as we can effectively ensure its quality in this way

author/Li Shoulin Beijing Jiasu logistics storage equipment center

information source: China Logistics Technology Association

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