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Butyl sealing material: function, characteristics and applicability

butyl sealing material is a single component sealing material made by mixing butyl rubber (or halogenated butyl rubber) as the main material, polybutylene as the tackifier and a variety of additives and fillers, mainly including butyl sealing adhesive and butyl sealing tape. Butyl sealing material has the advantages of good storage stability, weather resistance, heat resistance, and good cold resistance in the process of paper product quality sampling inspection every year; It can be applied to a variety of binders, with fast surface drying and less dust adhesion; The elastic modulus is low and it is not easy to peel, so it only needs to be sorted according to the existing relevant degree values. Compared with other sealing materials, the shrinkage is larger. Academician Ding's workstation has reached 25. The base sealing material has a wide range of uses, including glass installation, sealing, indoor secondary waterproofing, joint lap sealing of waterproof coiled materials, etc

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