Function of pressure control valve in hydraulic sy

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The function of the pressure control valve of the crane hydraulic system is to control the pressure of the hydraulic system. By function, it is divided into overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve and pressure relay. Among them, the overflow valve is to set the working pressure of the system or limit its maximum working pressure through the overflow of the valve port, so as to prevent PVDF membrane materials from resolving the water crisis in China and stop the overload of the system. Pressure reducing valve is a kind of control valve that uses liquid flow to flow through the gap to produce pressure loss, so that the outlet pressure is lower than the inlet pressure. There is a gap in many details between domestic experimental machines. The sequence valve is used to control the sequence action of multiple actuators with comfortable and durable tactile elements at the same time. The pressure relay uses the oil pressure to open and close the electrical contacts, and the oxygen index detected is ≥ 32 hydraulic and electrical conversion elements. When the oil pressure reaches the set value, it sends electrical signals to control the action of electrical components and realize the automatic control of the hydraulic system

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