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The function and packaging structure of three component composite plastic technology

with the continuous development of polymer materials research and the continuous introduction of new technologies, plastics have been innovated again and again in the application of product packaging. CSP company of the United States adopts multiphase polymer technology, and the newly developed three component composite plastic used in pharmaceutical test paper packaging is the beginning of an innovation in pharmaceutical packaging. For example, for the packaging of blood glucose test paper, in the past, patients needed to open the test paper packaging every day to test blood glucose concentration, which was cumbersome. After using new materials, you can put multiple hygroscopic blood glucose test strips into a container for packaging. When using, you only need to take out one test strip and then cover the package again. This kind of package can keep the dry condition inside the package, so that the remaining test paper will not deteriorate. Even if the outside moisture enters when opening the package, it will be removed by the desiccant in the package after the package is closed. This technology can also be applied to food and beverage packaging, which can have a longer shelf life, make the packaging more flexible and functional, and generate broader application fields and greater business opportunities

functions and characteristics

the principle of the so-called three component composite plastic technology is that the outer surface of the plastic packaging may be worn or stripped, while the inner surface may interact with the packaging products, thereby reducing the amount of activators attached to the plastic, which is difficult to take effect or the effect is not ideal. However, if the activator is mixed in the plastic substrate, there will be obstacles between the activator and the activator, which is especially suitable for mobile phone screens and flashlight pools. It takes a process and time for the activator component to penetrate from the plastic interior to the surface of the material, and the dispersion of the activator is not easy to control. Therefore, the problem to be solved is how to make the activator work immediately and control and maintain a certain effective time

CSP sodium three component plastic technology mainly includes a polymer resin, a secondary resin and an active ingredient. The two resins are immiscible with each other, and the activated components exist in or attach to the secondary resin to form a pipe structure, so that air can enter and leave the plastic layer in a controlled way. Activated ingredients can absorb water vapor, air, smell and other functions, but also release fragrance, air, nutrients and so on. This kind of plastic can be processed into thin sheets, films or containers. Among them, a typical three component composition is polyethylene/polyethylene oxide/some active ingredients (such as silica gel or molecular sieve desiccant, etc.). Among them, polyethylene oxide resin is attached to activator particles to form a complex structure in polyethylene resin. The other component is the activated component in polypropylene resin/polyethyleneglycol resin/polyethyleneglycol resin. The two dispersed phases open the transmission channel and change the transmission characteristics of plastics. Applied to packaging, it has the characteristics of absorption, adsorption, controllable release and variable transmission

absorption (adsorption) function refers to the formation of predictable adsorption channels of active components in polymer resins. It is used to absorb water vapor, oxygen, peculiar smell and other substances that may affect the contents of the package and cause deterioration. Controllable release means that the channel formed in the plastic only allows water vapor and air to enter, and acts with the internal activated components, gradually diffusing into the surrounding environment

variable transmission refers to the selective transmission property of water in the channel formed in the plastic, and the moisture will enter the plastic through the channel; If the activator with drying function is used together, the water will be continuously absorbed. In CSP three component technology, two kinds of polymer materials are mixed, and the automatic shutdown time can be freely set from 0 minutes to 9 minutes (when it is set to 0 minutes, it means that the automatic shutdown is eliminated). For example, polyethylene oxide (PEO) resin and polyethylene (PE) resin can form a shape structure, which forms a continuous channel, connecting PEO at different positions into a matrix. This shape structure will not be damaged during melting and reprocessing, The activated components adhere to the surface of the channel after processing. By choosing different activators, air rather than water vapor can be absorbed, gases such as fat oxides can be eliminated, and shelf life can be extended. Activators can also include deoxidizing ingredients to reduce the common oxidation reactions of food or beverages, which is also based on the premise that plastic materials must have transmission function. Antimicrobials, such as hydrogen dioxide or alcohol, can be volatilized from activated ingredients to the internal space of the package through channels. At the same time, aromatics can also keep a fragrance in the package, so as to improve the quality of products

packaging structure

the basic principle of packaging structure is that all packaging components must be safe and harmless and comply with food or drug administration regulations. Bottles that can keep dry: CPS company adopts the double liquid injection molding method to place the drying device (inner barrel) on the inner wall of the bottle. When the package is opened and the contents are taken out, the bottle cap is closed tightly. The moisture entering the bottle during the bottle opening process will be immediately absorbed by the drying device, In less than a minute, the relative "At present, the humidity is restored to the humidity conditions required by the contents. Film: because the three component plastic has the function of absorbing moisture, oxygen or peculiar smell, it can also be used in plastic soft bags. If you have any questions, please call us to pack and maintain the humidity of the packaging within the validity period.

cps' three component internal channel technology is an important breakthrough in material science. Its function of controlling small molecules through polymer resin can be used in food and The field of medicine has broad application prospects. In particular, the application of active packaging will introduce food packaging to a new level, create an interactive relationship between food and packaging, and completely change the current situation of the preservation function of food packaging

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