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The role and use of hydraulic fixtures

everyone knows that reducing downtime is an important factor in improving productivity and maximizing the utilization factor of production capacity. However, accurate positioning and repeated clamping accuracy in the process of parts processing are also the key to improve efficiency and quality. For example, flexibility is a kind of countersunk head screw gb/t 5279.2 (1) 997 that supplements the machining center of motor indirect speed change device. Part 2: the insertion depth of the 10 slot is generated to reduce the product cycle. For a fixed clamp, after mechanical clamping is used to locate and clamp the workpiece, cutting is carried out. After processing, loosen the mechanical clamping positioning block, remove the processed workpiece, and then replace it with a new one for clamping. Reciprocating in turn is usually a time-consuming step. In order to achieve high production and efficiency, the positioning, support, clamping of the workpiece and the rapid loosening and clamping of the fixture, as well as the convenient and safe operation of the standard tension sensor and steel wire rope are all very important links. For processing a large workpiece with short process interval, it is of great economic value to choose semi-automatic or fully automatic hydraulic fixtures. Hydraulic positioning and clamping is a very reliable and effective technology

at present, China's automobile manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. In the past, the automobile manufacturing industry generally used rigid special machine to process the cylinder block, cylinder head, connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft and other key parts of the engine, resulting in a long cycle of automobile engine modification. With the increasing demand for the change and improvement of automobile parts, the processing equipment and technology are also changing towards the direction of flexibility. The other is directly calculated according to the test strength of corrugated board. The flexibility concept and demand of processing equipment are mainly reflected in the demand for the rapidity and adaptability of the equipment, so manufacturers have to seek the best combination between flexibility and output. Of course, under the condition of meeting the flexibility, there are also different solutions, such as modularization, variable replacement, reconfiguration, compatibility, etc. No matter which scheme is adopted, it is particularly important to use high-performance hydraulic fixtures. Now, the combined application of flexible special machines, reconfigurable machine tools and special machining centers makes the processing of engine parts more and more flexible, and the specific situation depends on the output quota of each processing project. (end)

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