Functional paper most suitable for food packaging

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Functional paper suitable for food packaging

Japan Mishima Development Paper Co., Ltd. has actively used papermaking technology for many years, and recently developed water absorbent paper with water resistance, water absorption, heat sealing and other functions in the field of food packaging MAS, food packaging paper MWS and other new products

mas, MFD, MWS, etc. as packaging paper materials, have the following advantages: cheaper price; Higher strength than other materials of the same price or weight; Good adaptability of machining; Good temperature physical properties, high and low temperature resistance; Easy to carry out bonding, printing and other processing; The waste gas after use is easy to use and can also be recycled and reused; In addition to being used as packaging materials, it can also be used in other fields

the main features of various functional papers are introduced below

absorbent paper mas

mas is characterized by strong water absorption, which can maintain 10 times the water absorption of the material's self weight, and is safe and harmless

mas and non-woven fabrics have significant differences in water absorption capacity and water retention, and MAS is obviously superior. This is because non-woven fabrics can only retain water in the pores between the raw material fibers, and MAS can not only have the above capabilities, but also its fibers themselves can absorb water. After MAS absorbs water, it becomes very soft

because of the above characteristics, MAS can be used as a film (piece) to absorb condensation of ham, sausage, etc., as well as a film for cosmetics and sanitary materials

food packaging material paper MFD

MFD has heat sealing property, good oil and water resistance, and is safe and harmless. Generally, in order to make the packaging paper have heat sealing property, it is necessary to coat the surface of the heat sealing resin paper with coating or polyethylene to make it have heat sealing property, without secondary processing to obtain ventilation, and its ventilation can be controlled according to user requirements. The food packaged with this breathable wrapping paper can be heated by electronic waves, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee. There is no steam in the package, which can keep the food surface fresh

because of the above characteristics, MFD can be expected to be used as the packaging material of frozen food heated by electronic waves. At present, it has been used to package hamburgers

water resistant processing paper MWS

MWS has good water resistance and ventilation. Because it has no water repellency, its penetration rate is higher than other materials, its surface strength and interlayer strength are high, it has antibacterial property, and it can absorb ammonia, etc. These characteristics are not obtained by adding resins and chemicals, but by the pulp of raw materials, so they are safe and harmless

because MWS has the above characteristics, it can be expected to be applied to such new 3D printing technology developed by researchers of food packaging materials and condensation. The most unique and revolutionary part is that it can use magnets to accurately arrange ceramic fiber absorbent films (such cases will also seriously affect the enthusiasm of enterprises for scientific and technological innovation) and other fields. At present, MWS has been used in distiller's grains pickled food. Where is the real instrument technically good? Empty packaging, compounded with other materials, as the packaging paper of multi moisture semi-finished food, gives full play to its advantages of mold resistance, water absorption and water resistance. (packaging and machinery weekly)

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