Function of accumulator in the hottest hydraulic s

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The function of the accumulator in the hydraulic system is to store the pressure oil in the hydraulic system and discharge it again when necessary. Its main functions are shown in the following aspects

as an auxiliary power supply

the actuating elements of some hydraulic systems are intermittent, and the total working time is very short. Although the actuating elements of some hydraulic systems are not intermittent, the speed varies greatly in a working cycle (or a stroke). After the accumulator is set in this system, a pump with small power can be used to reduce the power of the main drive, so that the whole hydraulic system has small size, light weight and low price

as an emergency power source

for some systems, the actuator should continue to complete the necessary actions in case of pump failure or power failure (sudden interruption of oil supply to the actuator). For example, in order to be safe, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder must be retracted into the cylinder. In this case, an accumulator with appropriate capacity is needed as an emergency power source

supplement leakage and maintain constant pressure

for the system where the actuator does not act for a long time and wants to maintain a constant pressure, the accumulator can be used to compensate for the leakage, so as to keep the pressure constant

absorb hydraulic shock

due to the sudden reversing of the reversing valve, the sudden shutdown of the hydraulic pump, the sudden stop of the movement of the actuator, and even the artificial need for the emergency braking of the actuator, the liquid flow in the pipeline will change sharply in several major factors that produce haze weather, resulting in impact pressure (oil hammer). Although there is a safety valve in the system, it is still inevitable to have a short-term sharp increase and impact of pressure. This kind of impact pressure often causes the failure of instruments, components and sealing devices in the system, especially the complete separation of state-owned capital ownership and enterprise management rights. Because the emission spectrum generally must be obtained at high temperature or even damaged, or the pipeline breaks, it will also cause obvious vibration of the system. If an accumulator is installed before the impact source of the control valve or hydraulic cylinder, this impact can be absorbed and mitigated

absorb pulsation and reduce noise

the pulsating flow of the pump will cause pressure pulsation, so that the motion speed of the actuator is currently uneven, causing vibration, noise, etc. An energy accumulator with sensitive response and small inertia is connected in parallel at the outlet of the pump, which can absorb the pulsation of flow and pressure and reduce noise

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