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The function and working principle of steam traps

the reason why the properties of steam traps are quite different: the high molecular chain in thermosetting plastics is crosslinked to discharge condensate. The most basic principle is to use the weight difference and temperature difference between steam and water to achieve the purpose of drainage

1. the function of steam trap and the equipment using steam only need steam. Condensate must be produced in this kind of equipment, which becomes a harmful fluid. At the same time, it also mixes with air and other non condensable gases, which becomes the cause of equipment failure and performance degradation. In this case, the most important functions of the steam trap are the following three aspects:

(1) it can quickly remove the condensate produced

(2) prevent steam leakage

(its position is usually at the discontinuity of the data or the defect of the data 3) remove air and other non condensable gases

2. Necessity of removing condensate

(1) prevent water hammer. First of all, from the perspective of safety, if there is condensate in the steam pipeline, the high-speed steam will drive the accumulated condensate, so that the condensate is on the pipe wall, valves and steam using equipment. 5 When the fastener is tightened to zero, it will have a strong impact, and often bring a great impact. This phenomenon is called water hammer, also known as water hammer or water hammer. When the water hammer is very strong, it will cause damage or damage to the pipe bends and valves

secondly, the phenomenon of water hammer is not only due to condensate. Due to improper installation and use of the boiler, sometimes the water in the boiler enters the steam and is brought to the transmission pipeline. Therefore, if the boiler structure is defective or improperly used, the water level of the boiler will be too high. Therefore, the steam supplied by the boiler is too wet, and the formation speed of condensate is accelerated, which is also a reason for water hammer

generally, the humidity of saturated steam supplied by the boiler should be less than 4%; If it is 6%, the humidity will be high; If it reaches 10%, the humidity will be too high. In case of high or excessive humidity, it is necessary to modify the structure of the boiler or solve the installation problems

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