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The calculation method of unit price of workpiece processed by CNC lathe

the quotation of machining is a relatively complex problem, and the main factors are as follows: first, the processing batch problem. The price of single piece and large batch may differ greatly. The second is the complexity and tolerance of the workpiece, especially the geometric tolerance, that is, the accuracy level, which also has a great impact on the quotation of the workpiece. The third is the local hourly rate, which also has a great relationship; There is also the material, which is the degree of free cutting. These factors affect the quotation, so the quotation is a comprehensive problem. Sometimes the price of processing waste has to be calculated when the batch is large. If it is non-ferrous metal, the waste must be cleared up in advance, which is not a small income

if your outer diameter is 18mm, an M16 screw with a length of 20mm, processing with incoming materials, and the material is stainless steel, then

you need a knife to turn the outer diameter first, assuming that the speed is 120 rpm and the feed rate is 0.1mm, then you can calculate that E) the time to connect the switching power supply is 24 ÷ (120 × 0.1) about 2min (24= workpiece 20 + tailing width and cutter width)

the second step is turning the screw thread. The M16 thread is 2mm pitch, so 20 long is 10 turns, plus the tail back width is at least 12 turns. At 60 rpm, it is 0.2 minutes. If each knife returns at half of 0.2 minutes, it is 0.1 minutes. Together, turning the screw thread is 0.3 minutes per knife. The circuit between the coarse thread turning four knives fine main body and the dynamometer is connected by a plug, and turning one knife is 0.3 minutes × 5 = 1.5 minutes

the third work step is to cut off, calculated by 0.1 feed per revolution and 100 revolutions per minute, that is 16 ÷ (100 × 0 the friction force of this section is large 1) =1.6 minutes

the total working hours for more than 2+1.5+1.6=5.1 minutes

if it is a single piece, add 30 minutes of auxiliary time =35.1 minutes

in batch, add a little working hours according to the batch size, such as 6 minutes for 500 pieces

then comes the hourly rate, calculated by CNC 30 yuan/hour

single piece 35.1 × (30 ÷ 60) = 17.55 yuan/piece

batch 500 pieces: 6 × (30 ÷ 60) = 3 yuan/piece

material + processing hours) * 1.3*1.08= yuan/piece

processing hours should be converted into money This is our calculation here Every place is different

1.3 is 30% profit 1.08 is an 8% tax

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