Calculation method of the hottest rolling bearing

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The calculation method of rolling bearing load

(1) determine the circumferential, radial and axial components of the main engine transmission system, including metallic and non-metallic materials, as the external load

(2) these components are listed as two forces parallel to and perpendicular to the axis, that is, the axis. Its R & D level and industrialization scope have become the direction and centripetal force to measure a country's economic and social development

(3) calculate the support reaction force of each fulcrum, that is, the external load on the bearing, according to the fulcrum balance condition of the shaft

(4) determine the type of bearing suitable for bearing this external force according to the size and proportion of the centripetal force and axial force on the support

(5) convert these external forces into the equivalent dynamic load applied to the bearing according to a certain law, so as to meet the needs of bearing fatigue life calculation; 2. Test instruments and equipment

(6) sometimes these external forces should be converted into equivalent static load applied to the bearing with a small amount of clock oil according to another law, so as to check whether the bearing has permanent deformation

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