Calibration of display in the process of hottest C

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Calibration of display in the process of color management (III)

9 After the contrast and brightness are calibrated, it's time to calibrate the color. If the display is RGB Tri Color adjustable, you can select the "RGB controls" adjustment mode

after clicking the "start" button, three ruler bars will appear on the screen, showing the measured situation of RGB three colors respectively. Adjust the color of the display according to the relative position of the color arrow and the black arrow until the three color arrows are aligned with the corresponding black arrow respectively. When adjusting, the adjustment range should be small. After each adjustment, the system should automatically count the experimental data and wait for the screen color to stabilize and be detected by the instrument. Because RGB three colors are interrelated, they must be coordinated and adjusted to achieve the best effect

10. The above steps have completed the physical calibration of the display, but this does not guarantee that the display effect of the display is accurate, because the color characteristics of various displays will be different. Finally, it is necessary to generate their ICC Color Feature files according to the characteristics of the display. Eye one match will generate a standard ICC file according to the measured results. After generation, it will be written into the system parameters as the default color feature file of the display

after the C file is generated and called correctly, the following prompt window will appear, indicating that the calibration is successful

prompt Description: after the above steps, the display has been accurately calibrated and the ICC file of the display has been generated, which is used by the operating system and image processing software. Perhaps the color displayed by the calibrated display is not "the most beautiful", but it should be "the closest to the truth"

it should be noted that color management should be a complete process. Only the back of the bench and the seat will be solidified in the oven. Calibrating the display only lays the foundation for color management. It has been able to present the colors closest to the real scene, but at this time, it needs to establish and use the ICC files of input devices, such as digital cameras and scanners; It can preview the output effect that is closest to the actual one, but at this time, it is necessary to establish and use output equipment, such as ICC files of printing machines and printers with corrosion resistance. (2) Adopt wheel amplitude load sensor

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