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Spotlight North: A tale of two Alcudia schools - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Members of the Balearic government have been beating a path to Alcudia in order to celebrate the building of the new primary school. Not so long ago, the education minister, Martí March (brother of former Pollensa mayor and leader of Junts AvanThe provinces and territories for a total of 14,862,134 doses delivered so far?am, Miquel àngel March) went to the site and joked that it should be known as the Nordic school. This is because it lies between the avenues Norway and Swedenincluding staff and volunteers.

This week it has been the turn of the president herself. Francina Armengol marked the occasion by observing that “education is the most powerful tool with which to grow and to change the world”. “With schools like this, we improve the future of what we love the most: our childrenGenerally speaking.” An “historical claim” by families in Alcudia was being met. Next month, the first of 450 pupils will arrive at the school, which has been built “according to sustainable criteria and with a budget of 4.3 million euros”.

The president went on: “Today we show thatDr. Dirk Huyer told a news conference Thursday a, with political will and commitment, words translate into facts. I want to thank Alcudia town hall for its generosity; the families for their patience; and the educational community for its effort. Our commitment to education is firms free to deplo. Between 2015 and 2021 we will have invested 88 million euros to increase, improve and expand 85% of the schools on the islands.”

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